Are You an Average Man?

Small Indian man lifting weights

Does watching television make you feel like the Danny Devito of the male world? Here are the real stats of the average American man. This is either going to make you feel better or confirm you're going to have to overachieve:

  • The average man is 34.4 years old.
  • The average man is married with two children.
  • The average man earns $36,100 per year and has $3,100 in the bank.
  • The average man sleeps about 7 hours on a work night.
  • Age when the average guy is in the best shape of his life: 23 years
  • The average man is is about 5' 9" tall.
  • He weighs 175 pounds.
    Age (yrs) 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69
    Weight (lbs) 168 179 182 185 184
    Weight (kg) 76 81.1 82.6 84 83.5
  • Percentage of men who consider themselves "physically fit": 69%
    • Percentage who actually are: 13%
  • Time it takes the average guy to run a mile: 8 minutes, 34 seconds
  • Time it takes the average American man to run 1.5 miles: 12 minutes, 45 seconds
    Age (yrs) 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69
    Time (m:s) 12:18 12:51 13:53 14:55 16:07
  • Pounds the average man can bench-press one time: 160
    Age (yrs) 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69
    Max. Weight (lbs) 180 158 143 128 116
  • Number of sit-ups he can do in 1 minute: 36
    Age (yrs) 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69
    Sit-ups 40 36 31 26 20
  • Number of push-ups he can do with good form in 1 minute: 27
    Age (yrs) 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69
    Push-ups 33 27 21 15 15
  • Number of pull-ups he can do: 1
  • Resting heart rate of a fit man: 52 beats per minute
    • Time it takes a fit man to log 8,000,000 heartbeats: 30 years
  • Resting heart rate of a man who's out of shape: 72 beats per minute
    • Time it takes an out-of-shape man to log 8,000,000 heartbeats: 19 years
  • Size of the average guy's biceps: 13 inches (flexed)
  • Size of his chest: 40 inches (inhaled)
  • Size of his waist: 34 inches
  • Amount of muscle the average sedentary guy loses each year: 1 pound
  • Amount of fat he gains each year: 1.1 pounds
  • The part of a man's body that is the biggest turn-on for the average woman: his butt
  • The part the average guy spends the most time trying to develop: his chest
  • Percentage of men who don't belong to a gym: 88%
  • Average cost of a 1-year gym membership: $648
  • Amount the average 40-year-old man would save each year in medical costs if he exercised regularly: $949
  • Time period when the typical gym is least crowded: 10:00am to 11:30am
  • Percentage of men who would never skip another workout if... they could build twice the muscle with half the effort: 40%
  • Percentage of men who would never skip another workout if... women began wearing see-through spandex: 16%
  • Exercise equipment the average guy is most likely to own: dumbbells
  • Percentage of men who use their fitness equipment as... a place to hang their clothes: 45%
  • Percentage of men who use their fitness equipment as... a doorstop: 13%
  • Number of men who would rather work out than have sex: 1 in 7
  • Percentage of men who think that gyms are pickup joints: 14%
  • The life expectancy of the average man is:
    Year Born 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 1997
    Life Expectancy (yrs) 65.6 66.6 67.1 70.0 71.8 73.6


  1. Mephistefales

    July 1, 2008
    10:44 PM

    I think data detailing the median man would be far more useful. Those ten guys who compete in the strongman contests and that one guy who ran 350 miles really throw the averages out of whack.

  2. Kevin McDonagh

    November 23, 2008
    5:35 PM

    It is not clear from where have you where you have obtained these statistics, could you please clarify?

  3. joe s

    February 7, 2009
    3:13 PM

    Actually, what’s needed here instead of average (“mean”) or even median is MODE. “Mode” is the number, or range of numbers, that occurs the most in a set of collected numbers.
    For example, if six men are surveyed and found to have these one-rep bench press max’s, 155, 155, 155, 155, 95, and 405, the average would be 186 2/3, but, the mode would be 155. The average, 186 2/3, would be misleading, being more than thirty units beyond what all but one man can handle. The 155 would more clearly indicate what the majority are able to bench.
    By the way, the median in this example does happen to be 155 also, but in a larger set of numbers would not necessarily coincide with the mode. Mode would be most significant in establishing reference statistics for a “typical” man.

  4. sid

    February 23, 2009
    8:17 PM

    man this is funny but true but i not a average guy

  5. Todd

    June 25, 2009
    5:01 PM

    This is great. I far better then the average man!

  6. Joseph

    July 15, 2009
    3:59 PM

    WTH ? 180lbs for bench at that age ? i can bench 230lbs 5 reps and i’m 16 wth ?

  7. Ryan

    August 20, 2009
    11:52 AM

    lol thats wayyyy wrong. im 15 and can bench 250 lbs and my flexed biceps were 16.5 inches (shunk to 16 from lack of workout due to football)

  8. Thomas

    August 29, 2009
    12:27 AM

    15 and 16 this is an article about the average man not male, males dont quit growing till there in their 20′s, your bodies and physical performance is going to look quite different at age 40 than as a teenager.

  9. Average_dan

    September 20, 2009
    4:42 PM

    I think this Website is awesome. Every man wonders where he rates in the scheme of things. I always thought of myself as the absolute average guy. 5’11- 175..bench 215-220.and climbing..I can do the mile a little quicker than 8.34 but ive been smokin alittle so maybe not..there are a few statistics that are missing though IQ, personality types, preference in women,and another that may or may not be appropriate..But all in all I liked it..E-mail me if you get some new ones! PEACE

  10. darf_nate

    November 6, 2009
    9:36 PM

    average dan, the average iq is 100, its 100 for any age group,

  11. Pip

    November 15, 2009
    1:27 PM

    I think some of these percents are on and off. I am 36 and I can bench 405+ lbs, but thats due to the fact that I work hard at it. I am sure the average man does not work hard at it or even attempts to workout at all. So for all of us that hit the gym….we should be above or below the average. The one stat that relly stands out is the average man can only do 1 pull up….and now that I have noticed…that statement is probably the most accurate.

  12. RoFL CopTer

    November 20, 2009
    1:42 PM

    Just going to go out ans say it, the average man is probably not on for runners. Congratulations if you can bench 405; you aren’t average.

  13. shell

    November 28, 2009
    2:05 AM

    i can do 20 pulls old as i am (35) my arms arent the problem… get my flat stomach back?

  14. shell

    November 28, 2009
    2:18 AM

    when ur good u press ur weight

  15. Joseph Hunt

    November 29, 2009
    4:23 AM

    At 27yoa i could bench press 160kg do 300pressups and60pullups 5onearm pullups (rightarm)in my 40s ive run a marathon in 2hrs47mins now im 60 i can still do 78pressups in 1min and cycle 20miles a day to and from work run up and down 8floors in 2min do 100stepups in 2min my rest pulse is 48bpm i consider myself normal

  16. Dan

    January 2, 2010
    1:11 PM

    What they don’t do is weigh muscle. Seen above, the Average 34 yr old has 13 inch arms. That is small if you
    ask me. I am 50 years old and I scored myself honestly higher in the physical strength area higher than the average 20 to 30 yr old. No wonder they are encouraging children to get out and exercise more. I scored lower on my cardio partly because of Asthma. I will make an effort to run a mile on or around the 34 yr old average in 2010. To all who reads this, exercise works! I does make you above average!

  17. mark

    January 4, 2010
    9:39 AM

    lol. im 42 and beat all of the above easy.

  18. Andre

    January 20, 2010
    5:57 PM

    I’m 42, I stopped smoking and started lifting three years ago and started running 18 months ago. I’m 5’9″ 178lbs. I bench 270 and run 3.5 miles a day with a average mile time between 7min 45sec and 7min 55sec. It’s been hard work repairing almost twenty years of neglect but one day I’ll have grandkids and it’ll be nice to play with them.

  19. Average bob

    February 11, 2010
    4:47 PM

    I’m willing to bet most people on here are liars.

  20. Mr. McKnuckles

    February 13, 2010
    1:13 PM

    This all sounds about right. People have differing abilities, so it’s probably best not to judge just on one stat here – better to figure out what you need to work on.

    I’m 40 and can run way faster than the average 20 year old, and always have been able to. But I’m lanky – despite years of weights (on and off, to be fair), I’ve never been able to bench my weight. At around 140 on a good day (but can do about 40 push ups in a minute, so not sure what that means) but still working on it.

  21. Psycho Bob

    February 15, 2010
    5:47 PM

    I’m going to be 46 next month. I’m 6’1 225 lbs. I don’t go to a gym to work out. I work in a warehouse lifting and shipping out boxes the weigh 30- 35 lbs all day. I keep up or surpass the guys younger than me, they are in their 20′s and 30′s. I’m the oldest one there. In the winter I ride my snowmachine getting physical and getting fresh air. In the summer I still go to my cousin’s farm and help hay his fields all summer long. So, I’m in pretty good health I think. I don’t benchpress or measure my arms for size. Just knowing I feel good and stay in shape this way makes me happy.

  22. Tom

    February 27, 2010
    7:16 PM

    I’m 45 and in the military, do a 10:50 mile and half run, max pushups easy , do 35 situps and i can bench press 300pds. 1-2 reps , 50 dips without stopping and for you young bucks when i was wrestling @ 126pds. i could bench press 225 , it’s all about motivation no matter what your schedule is nowadays, if you want to learn about motivation just google Randy Couture UFC and try his workout, it is a real b****, and he is 44-45 y.o., good luck to everyone

  23. sonny

    March 3, 2010
    11:51 AM

    I am willing to be most people here are average liars. Not too bad and not too good.

  24. Ryan

    April 14, 2010
    1:13 PM

    REPLY Psycho BOB
    Your answer is mint… Hopefully one day i can feel that way im 20 and constantly looking in the mirror self esteem issues as many have except the elite few like yourself.. Get rrr done boss!

  25. Tim

    April 14, 2010
    6:15 PM

    lol nice e-stats everyone.
    this must be why i go out in the real world and see fit guys with huge, ripped arms all the time…(sarcasm)

  26. Alex

    April 19, 2010
    1:00 AM

    I’m 15 @ 5’7 145lbs with just over 13” arms and I can bench around 130, at least I’m already average on the arm part. :)

  27. Tony

    April 28, 2010
    10:31 AM

    Im 5-8 210 and bench 285 have 17 1/4 arms and im 39. The stat that surprise was how mens bench got alot weaker as they got older, i mean most atheletes and Weightlifters get stronger as they hit around 30 and up including myself, iknow you lose your speed and quickness after around 30, but not strength.

  28. Jordan

    May 9, 2010
    9:09 PM

    A lot of braggarts…

  29. Jamaz

    May 24, 2010
    11:01 PM

    So statistics are for the average man… and we get responses from guys crying for attention on the internet.


    But more on topic… These stats seem to be high because just walking around at work or the mall, almost all the guys I see I can just tell right away: “this dude cannot run a 8.5 min mile.”

  30. Internet_Joe

    May 25, 2010
    11:21 PM

    I can tap my head and rub my stomach. beat that!

  31. collegiate

    May 28, 2010
    11:21 AM

    Probably had a small sample size, with several strong outliers that threw it all out of balance. I go to the gym often at my university, and most college-aged males bench 135-150 for reps. Only the really jacked guys are putting up big numbers. Also, many Americans are fat and can’t even run 1 mile, much less 1.5 miles in 12 minutes.

    The average untrained, 180 pound man can’t even put up 1 plate on each side


    June 3, 2010
    9:30 AM


  33. doug fresh

    June 4, 2010
    8:57 AM

    Are these statistics old? Seems like “the average man” was less healthy when these stats were gathered.

  34. Richard

    June 10, 2010
    9:33 AM

    Wow, what can I say? There are so many people that have left comments on here who clearly are exagerating some what. I don’t know which now is more entertaining……..the figures etc provided on the page, or the guys leaving there comments trying to impress. I think however the numbers etc provided are pretty much correct. They may not be exact, but they look close enough to me. They are average, for the average guy, not for guys that do excercise every week, because this is not what the average guy does.

  35. blake

    June 12, 2010
    2:35 PM

    Thank you alex I bet you really bench 130 pounds. It is amazing how super buff every man is on this site if this was true we be out of 45pound plates at the gym. Average I see is 145pounds for skinny guys and 235pounds of the big belly and thick boned men. Everyone stop lying! Noone cares lol

  36. Chris

    June 22, 2010
    2:52 PM

    I’m 15 and i have a 43 inch chest and i bench more than i weigh and squat the most out of my schools JV football team and many varsity players… I’m not even i lineman i’m a running back but i out bench all but two linemen and out squat all of them… although i’m heavey for my height at my age (5’8″ 160 lbs) I’m still fast and play guard for the schools basketball team and can beat most the football team and basketball team in a footrace… except for those skinny little track kids who weigh like 105 and are my height…

  37. hollaback

    July 2, 2010
    11:29 AM

    it’s hilarious how all the comments here are based around bench press weight as if that were the most important stat. my stats:

    30 years old, $180k income, $45k in bank, sleep 7 hours a night, best shape in life at 21 years old, 6’1″ tall, 165 pounds, do not consider myself physically fit, can run a mile in 7:30, max bench press 190 lbs, # of sit ups in 1 minute 45, # of push ups in 1 minute 50, # of pull ups 6, don’t know bicep size or chest, waist 30 inches, don’t belong to gym, bored at work…

  38. Rico

    July 15, 2010
    1:50 AM

    What’s with all the dudes writing in to say how much they can bench? The article was about what the average man could do, and then we have all these guys writing in to say how much better they are! The word “insecure” comes to mind. And as for all these teenagers writing in to brag about their 43 inch chests (wow – 3 inches bigger than average!!!), it seems their advantage in physical fitness comes at the expense of a rather startling deficit in intellect??

  39. Andre

    July 20, 2010
    8:58 AM

    It’s funny how different people react to the above post, when I first read them I was well below the average, but instead of ridiculing them it inspired me to better myself. There will always be people who can lift more, run faster or make more money than me, but they are are the ones who make me push myself. To those of you who think this is foolishness and your happy the way you are, I’m happy for you, but don’t belittle those that want to better them selves.

  40. Bob Stooge

    July 26, 2010
    5:36 PM

    Yea.. I can bench 600 pounds do 80 pushups in a minute… In highschool I was the football team and the basketball team. Just me, noone else and we (I) ended up getting all the way to state. Basically my man parts are bigger than yours… Guarenteed

    (End sarcasm)

  41. steven

    July 27, 2010
    2:57 PM

    Man im 14 and i bench 215 i weigh 180 and can slaughter all of these records easily. Im a football player but still this cant be the average man and if ur 20-35 then u should be above me in weight and stregth but i understand endurance. All these 14, 15, and 16 year olds are doing way better than this average guy so it must mean one out of two things, 1: the younger generation is suddenly getting crazy strong or 2: this isnt a true representation of an average MAN and is just helping out of shape old men feel better about not being less than average. If you are proud of beating these standards then your standards are too low.

  42. James

    August 18, 2010
    11:00 PM

    I’m better than this, I can do that. Me me me me!!! Human behavior is bizarre it must be said.

    Interesting article all the same and the information seems pretty accurate.

  43. Chris

    August 20, 2010
    11:45 PM

    ok first of all…. ill have to agree with the guy who said pretty much everyone on here is a liar…. im 5’8″ 16 years old and i bench 185 for 5 reps without a spot… i struggle to do that much and i have been training for one year!!! my arms are 15.5″! i only weigh 135-140lbs! i have gained 35-40lbs!!!!! exercise does work just so you know…. i can do 20 pullups easily max chinups i have done is 40 hopefully i can do a TRUE ONE ARM PULLUP not like that one guy said. those are probably the one HANDED pullups not one ARM pullups! major difference!!! seeing as at my school not many 16 year olds can bench more than 150lbs i highly doubt that the 16 year old who says he can bench ALOT of weight benchs that much and!!!

    _______BY THE WAY: size is relevant to your Body Fat percentage!!!! mine is 3%!!!! not many people can get to that considering i do NO CARDIO i am naturally skinny/ripped! yeah……….. i mean think about it a 15.5″ arm on someone who is 140lbs and has 3% bf versus someone who weighs 200lbs with 17″ arms and has 10% bf!!!
    which one do you think looks better? of course the first one!!!! and keep in mind these numbers that this site is HIGHLY unaccurate considering now the population of america is around 75% OBESE thats right OBESE = 30% BODYFAT OR MORE!!!!

    hope this clears things up!

  44. MrAverage

    August 21, 2010
    6:28 PM

    I’m age 19, 6’3, 190lbs. I’d say I’m physically fit, can do more pull-ups and press-ups than the charts say, can run 1.5 miles in 9:30, but on the other hand I’ve been working out for 3 years on and off and can only just match the 180lb max on the bench. But then I started off skinny, and as noted above am better at the running. So yes I’d say these stats are about right. I’m above average on some things and below on others. Those of you who say the stats are skewed due to the big lifters and trained athletes, bear in mind that for every trained athlete there will likely be two or three or even ten couch potatoes counterbalancing them. Normal distributions ensure that the freak results at both ends cancel out and the average remains largely unaltered.

    Oh and all you 14 year olds who can bench 300-450… 2 things, 1) One day you’ll get a bit older and realise that lies only work if they’re subtle, and 2) All credit to you if you CAN shift that weight, but when your balls shrivel up from the steroid abuse in a decade, and your hair starts fallingout in tufts… well don’t say I didn’t warn you!

  45. BlackCowboyStudBrett1953

    August 23, 2010
    1:06 PM

    Well,let’s see..I have to cheat by one mile SOUTH here in
    Windsor,Ont.,Can.,across the Detroit River from Detroit,
    Mich.,U.S.A.(the SOLE Southern Canadian entry point to the U.S.),but were I a Yankee dude rather than a Canuck lad,
    I guess I’d be regarded quite large at 5’81/4”,214 lb.,
    47” Chest Normal,49” Chest Expanded,41.5” Waist amongst my measurements at age 57.(The typical Canadian man is 5’8.5”,182 lb.,the average U.S. chap,5’9.3”,
    192 lb.)

  46. Yeah right

    August 29, 2010
    10:21 PM

    Why is it on the internet everyone is so much stronger than me, but when I go to the gym I train at, everyone lifts so much less? How come the NFL tests for # reps at 225? Man pro athletes must suck. How come a pro fighter only maxes out at 300 lbs on the bench? Man fighters are wimps.

    Oh and that one guy in the military, I don’t know any branch that would let you in with only 35 situps. Maybe Air Force, they’re a bunch of pansies. In my branch 54 is the absolute minimum for situps, and you are expected to get far more. What’s the max for your pushups, 25? What military is this, the Spongebob Armed Forces?

    I can get 70 pushups, working toward 84. I can do 55 situps and I want to work to 100 (this will be hard). I absolutely suck at running though. I really want to be able to run the 1.5 mile in 8 minutes but it’s a struggle even at 12:30 for me. I’m really bad at this.

    I can box 10 rounds. I don’t go for max bench, or max anything actually, I stop at 225 lbs. for bench and just do reps. I can squat over 500 lbs machine assisted, but I only do about 250 or so regularly. I can deadlift 300 lbs but I also usually only dead lift about 250 or so on that too, usually less. I am a huge fan of the hanging clean press, which I do at about 145 lbs (I was doing it before GSP did, but that’s what he does too).

    People that can easily kill all my numbers are probably full of shit. I’m sure there are many guys that can, but I doubt they’re 14 year olds that all happen to post on here. Also the higher numbers are generally for bigger people, guys that are like 250 lbs or so. The average person is about 170. A 170 lb person that bench presses 170 lbs is far more impressive than a 250 lb. person that benches 200.

  47. Steven. H

    August 30, 2010
    5:01 PM

    @Ryan,Chris,Steven this is about the average “truthful man” not the “lair” teen. I am 21 and can do about 120 lbs and I know I’m not that strong but I work on cardio more than lifting. So either you are lying or you are on some serious steroids, some of my friends can’t lift over 200 and they are big guys so I doubt a puny 14 year old can lift over 200.

  48. Jimmy

    August 30, 2010
    11:10 PM

    When I started working out 3 years ago (31yo/6’180lbs) I could do 135 for 10 reps, and a max lift of 165. I was completely average, having never worked out. Now my personal best is 305 and 225 for 18 reps. The crazy part is that I now weigh 240. I used to be able to run, but now Im just to heavy.

  49. Pittsburghdude

    September 1, 2010
    1:57 AM

    There are way too many fellas bragging and tearing each other down in this post. I found this information affirming and positive. As men, we all feel self concious about how we are viewed by others, especially women. For those among us who can honestly say we exceed the stats listed, we should try as gentlemen to motivate and challenge others to meet the stats. We also need to appreciate that there are other men who arent able to walk to the bathroom due to trauma, much less bench their own bodyweight. Because of this, its not cool to brag and tear down.

  50. CaliforniaBro

    September 1, 2010
    1:38 PM

    Just thank God that your even able to workout. Thank Him for everything. Just remember. There are people out there who don’t have it as fortunate as us. No arms, no legs, diseases of all sorts, and sicknesses. Try and workout; and have fun, and realize getting in shape is a goal, not a competition. Working out and staying in better physical condition and eating right all promote a healthy and prolonged lifestyle. Just remember, have fun. And when you get the chance, get out.

  51. jeff

    September 11, 2010
    10:00 AM

    The true test of strength is the squat, not some sissy shallow squat but a competition depth squat….

  52. lane

    September 14, 2010
    4:33 PM

    don’t know where to get these charts wondering if anyone knew if i was average or above and exactly how much. i’m 5″9 173lbs bench is 245 and i run two miles in about 1345 but i dont like squatting much because then im to sore to run like i want.

  53. John

    September 14, 2010
    5:22 PM

    The average guy can’t really spell either, and he has bad grammar…

  54. Sam Chou

    September 15, 2010
    12:11 PM

    I’m quite an average guy. 17 years old, turning 18. 5″10 164 lbs. Bench press (machine press) 160 lbs 10 reps, 90 lbs preacher curls x 10 reps. Bodyfat is 13%. Used to run regularly, but stopped for a year to focus on bodybuilding. I’d say I’m slightly physically better than the average man, but sub-standard for a bodybuilder.

    I’m not lying, really. Plus these stats are quite average. Anyway, I really suck at running now. Race me and I’d likely lose to you by a minute. It’s hard training strength and speed at the same time, so I focus on strength.

  55. Jacob

    September 16, 2010
    12:11 AM

    I’ll be honest, I was mildly surprised (and comforted) by these averages. See, I feel that I’m comparatively scrawny as a guy, despite my inferior age of 14 years. Of course, I’m still below average in some aspects, but not by a large margin.

    Personally, I’m 5’10 and 153 pounds. I’m not sure if I can run a mile due to my asthma, but I’ve always been a fairly fast runner. I don’t consider myself too physically fit. I had to check my benching max 6 months ago for school, and at the time I maxed at about 140. I’m not sure how many sit-ups I can do in a minute, but I’d likely tighten up around 30. I can’t actually do many consecutive push-ups, oddly enough. I recall being able to muster about 5 pull-ups minimum. After measuring a moment ago, my dominant arm’s bicep is just over 14 inches. My chest measures about 38 inches (inhaled), while my waist is 32 inches. I actually figured most women would find large biceps to be the most attractive, due to the psychological yearning for security. I’d most like to develop all of my muscles, though I would assume I’d work least on my legs. And my life expectancy is of an infinite value (I’m a bit of an optimist). I suppose that is all I can answer!
    Anyhow, I figured I’d post my comparisons, if only to keep my mind working for the moment.

  56. Jacob

    September 16, 2010
    12:16 AM

    Oh, and since a few others decided to bring up the squat, I may as well mention that as well. I never quite found my squatting max in the formerly mentioned class in which I found my benching max, but we began to find it based on the number of times I could lift a smaller weight out of 10 possible. As it turns out, the weight was too small, but we confirmed that I could lift at least 220. Based on the other guys in the class, squats seem to be my forte. See, jumping was also a prime spot for me, which aided me greatly in my skateboarding days. I’m assuming they correlate in some manner.

  57. Johnny

    September 17, 2010
    11:02 AM

    Well honestly some of the teens on here MIGHT be telling the truth, that doesnt mean there on steriods neither lol(Steven H.), but im 17 and i weigh 150 lbs and maxing out at 245. But i am on creatine :)

  58. rob

    September 18, 2010
    1:45 AM


  59. Alex R

    September 19, 2010
    11:52 AM

    To the bum saying Air Force is a bunch of pansies your an idiot. I’m sure you can do 70 correct form push ups(/sarcasm). In the Air Force you have 1 min. to complete push-ups/sit-ups while in the Army you have 2 (not bagging on the Army just saying why Army’s numbers are higher). And you struggle for a 12:30 mile and a half? Not much to write home about.
    Now on to my stats. I’m 18 so I don’t quit fall into the 20-29 catagory yet but I will share anyways. Luckily I took the USAF pt test last week so my stats are up to date. I’m 6’3 and weigh 178 lbs. My waist measures 32.5″ and my chest 46″. My bicep measures 16″ flexed. I run a 6:30 mile and a 10:00 1 1/2 mile. In one minute I can do 55 correct form push-ups and 59 full range sit-ups. I also can do 8 correct form pull-ups(no kipping and finishing with my arms completely straight.) I consider myself fit as I am a member of a gym and work out 5 times a week and run for usually 8 times a week. My ORM bench press is 255 pounds. The part of my body I work the most on trying to develop is most definantly my abs. As I will admit I am a bit self conscious about how noticable my ab muscles are and how my lower abs don’t look as good as the top.

  60. Kevin burke

    September 21, 2010
    5:15 PM

    keep in mind that everyone looking at this website is most likely above average compared to these stats since we all are on here to see how much better we are than the average man

  61. Erich18

    October 1, 2010
    3:30 PM

    im 18 6 2 177 lbs 6.8% Bodyfat. i have been working out 4 months now. and i can bench 205 once, i rep 155. squat 250 once. i rep 135 on squats. i can run a 6:49.27 min mile and i take no supplements. i drink a lot of water eat a lot of carbs and protein and aim for 5 servings of veg, fruit errry day. so ya this average man shizz is a joke. and i haven’t yet obtained any of my grown man muscle just my high levels of testosterone fueling me like every young guy.

  62. you are just a boy till you are

    October 8, 2010
    11:40 PM

    40 years old ,5 ft 9 inch,190pounds four children ,happily married,40k a yr,,50 k in the bank..own a 4 bdrm home,4 vehicles[all run],2 dogs mow my own lawn,no family to help.17 1/2 inch arms ,44 chest,29 maybe 30 inch waist,squats 335lbs 12 to 20 reps 3 sets ,abs, 17inch calves 6 percent fat,not bald two white hairs,cardio 6 days a week….and i do it for my family,An example of decipline ,read to my kids and give my wife all attention.i only train a hour & 1/2, 4 to five days,6 days cardio.lift only a 1/2 hr the rest is cardio,

  63. al

    October 10, 2010
    7:24 AM

    All these posts prove nothing,just an excuse for all these guys to brag about their prowess

  64. you are just a boy till you are

    October 10, 2010
    12:21 PM

    That is my point.Its all about them and it proves nothing.Its when you do for others rather than your self ,you can find your true measure as a man .

  65. al

    October 10, 2010
    7:32 PM

    Excellent point,these people are self obssessed narcissists,who gives a flying fig how much they can lift,it is testosterone fueled bragging.

  66. al

    October 10, 2010
    7:55 PM

    For the record I am 59 years old,6ft1inch,158lb.
    Chest 39,waist 30.5.
    Have never been strong,can bench 145,run mile 6.30,1.5mile 10.15 when my hamstrings aren’t playing up,burn 600 calories in 30 minutes on cross trainer.All of which would be good if I didn’t realise how much slower I have become over the years,oh well if you don’t get old you die

  67. dave

    October 24, 2010
    8:41 AM

    tbh 160lbs seems a bit hight for an average bench, seeing as the average guy doesnt even train.

  68. samson

    November 3, 2010
    8:20 AM

    These stats would mean any average man could pass the army fitness test with some work on pullups. When I joined we all had done a lot of work to get fit especially on the running and pushups just to get a pass score.

    Even then several people dropped out as we did a warmup run before the test which tired them out for the 2.4k/1.5 mile.

  69. Coach

    November 10, 2010
    4:39 PM

    Why don’t they show any important strength #’s in these type of surveys? A man can only apply 1/3 of his bench press while standing… so while bench looks impressive in the gym, it has little application in sport, or life in general.
    Measures of what the subjects can squat, deadlift, press, or powerclean, jerk, snatch would be a much better barometer for strength & power development. I guess thats the difference between USAW coaches & other coaches…

    Most high school, collegiate, & football coaches in general lack insight into the important role genetics play when evaluating their programs. Coaches who likely learned to program from bodybuilders for “competition”. An activity which includes juicing, shaving, oiling up, & modeling w/ a other sweaty half-naked men.

  70. jon

    November 10, 2010
    5:39 PM

    Hey guys im in my teens and wondering if anyone knows if me being able to do alot more pull ups than the average guy is good, may be a difference between the ammount a teen can do compared to a man ofc.

  71. FreeSteak

    November 12, 2010
    3:01 PM

    Well, I’m 20 years old, 205 pounds, and have been lifting for 10 months now. When I first started, I weighed 196 lbs, and I couldn’t even bench 105. My max was actually 95…yes, I could only bench 95 once. I couldn’t even do 1 push up. Amazingly enough, after my first week, I realized I could do about 3 push ups. I had a 22 percent body fat 10 months ago, and now its down to 18. Today, I can bench 225 for reps and max at 235. I can also do 25 push ups and still hoping to improve. Lifting has basically changed my life. I feel much better today than I did 10 months ago and I can honestly say I feel much confident around women. For all the people out there who thinks lifting isn’t a big deal, believe me, it is. It will make you fitter, healthier, stronger and even boost your confidence level. Trust me, after a month of lifting weights, you will feel much better.

  72. lmao

    December 4, 2010
    6:04 PM

    ROFL the average 20-29 year old can bench 180 lbs.
    Suuuuuure. the average fat joe can’t even do 10 push ups give me a break.The average 20-29 year old will be lucky to bench 135. because the average man is fat and does not lift weights.

  73. nikkadick the black one

    December 6, 2010
    4:25 PM

    lol its funny how everybody here says that they are 6’1+. lol im 7’1

  74. Buck Snort

    December 9, 2010
    10:09 PM

    I can bench press a car, I’m an ex football star
    with degrees from both Harvard and Yale
    Girls just can’t keep up, I’m a real love machine
    I’ve had far better sex while in jail
    I’ve designed the Sears Tower, I make two grand an hour
    I cook the world’s best duck flambe
    I’ll take the pick of the litter, girls jockey for me
    I don’t need these lines to get laid

  75. matt

    December 22, 2010
    1:01 AM

    I believe the teens when i was fourteen my younger brother used to bring his friends over to watch me bench 240 im 31 now dont really work out and i can still bench over three hundred curl 160 and run like a son of a gun and the kicker is i smoke i think its in you mind if you think you can you can if you think you cant you already deafeted yourself

  76. Olylifter123

    December 28, 2010
    3:19 PM

    The average UNTRAINED man can bench press 0,70x of his bodyweight only 1 time. Just one rep. Thats 112 lbs one rep max for an average joe weighing 160lbs. Realistically he will do reps with maximum 80 to 90lbs.

    This is all for untrained men.

    A person training regularly for a period of 3-9 months. This strength level supports the demands of vigorous recreational activities.

    For this type of person he will realistically bench press 0,90x to 1,00x his bodyweight for just one rep max.
    Your genetics determine what kind of levers your body has. So from here on statistics start to spread a little more.

    A person who has engaged in regular training for up to two years. The intermediate level indicates some degree of specialization in the exercises and a high level of performance at the recreational level.

    At this level of training the average will bench press 1,10 to 1,20 x his bodyweight for just one rep max.

    An individual with multi-year training experience with definite goals in the higher levels of competitive athletics.

    This department we reach a point were strength levels are highly trained, things like central nervous system operate at maximum efficiency.
    At this level you are expected to bench press 1,5x your bodyweight for one rep max.

    Refers specifically to athletes competing in strength sports. Approximately 2% of the weight training population will attain this level.

    Notice how it says 2% of the weight training population? You are expected to bench press 2x your bodyweight at least one rep max.

  77. Lane

    January 1, 2011
    12:54 PM

    20 years old just got into heavy lifting. I was always focused on wrestling and keeping my weight down. I am 166lbs 5″10 Bench 245, Squat 295, Deadlift 300, Handcling 185 once. I can run a 14 min two mile first mile is usually like 6 20 then i tend to slow down. 93 pushups in 2 min. 85 sit ups in 2 min. I am currently enlisted…..US ARMY

  78. Jire

    January 12, 2011
    7:40 AM

    Im 31 6′ 250 13% body fat 52″ chest 36″ waist 18.5″ arms I lift weights 5 days a week a run 2 miles in 15 mins 6 days a week bench 485 and sqaut 600 can do 60 push ups but can only do 12 pull ups. Also not bragging stating fact and as you can see I am very strong been lifting since I was 12 and I can tell you at 14 I could only bench 135 lbs and squat 250 so I call bull on you 14 yr old hulks lifting 300lbs plus on bench u would blow out your joints you don’t have the muscle yet to support that much weight.

  79. Fat-guy

    January 14, 2011
    2:45 AM

    So…. I can totally put a hometown country buffet out of business in one night.

  80. gg

    January 20, 2011
    7:29 AM

    man you boys had better step it up because im a chick and i can smoke like all of these stats and im not exactly hardcore fit. i was esp surprised with the pullups. i can do 4 and thought that the av guy could do somewhere around 8. im not shallow but i expect my man to be able to do at least a little more than me.

  81. Ash

    January 29, 2011
    3:07 AM

    I’m a Staff Sergeant in the US Army. I’m 5’11″ and 252lbs at last weigh in. I can’t run anymore because of the destruction of my ankle over three combat deployments. I can’t bench press much because I separated my shoulder while wrestling in college. I don’t make lots of money because the Federal Government is more interested in numbers than paying it’s professionals proper wages. But I have 3 kids, job satisfaction, and a large percentage of you can thank me and my brothers and sisters-in-arms that you have the freedom to get on here and whip out your e-penis. I hope you enjoy being better than your imagined adversary. I enjoyed outlasting my real ones.

  82. lola

    January 30, 2011
    9:59 PM

    this is all an estimate based on what ever statistics it was based on, some people in late 30s do better than they did in their 20s and other in late 40s feel better than ever, may be they never discovered their abilities or potential during late teens and during their 20s, but for most their 30s and 40s are the years where they are 100% excellent at just about everything.

  83. Bruce F-ing Lee

    February 7, 2011
    2:14 AM

    * Lee’s striking speed from three feet with his hands down by his side reached five hundredths of a second
    * Lee’s combat movements were at times too fast to be captured on film at 24fps, so many scenes were shot in 32fps to put Lee in slow motion. Normally martial arts films are sped up
    * In a speed demonstration, Lee could snatch a dime off a person’s open palm before they could close it, and leave a penny behind
    * Lee could perform push ups using only his thumbs
    * Lee performed one-hand push-ups using only the thumb and index finger
    * Lee would hold an elevated v-sit position for 30 minutes or longer
    * Lee could throw grains of rice up into the air and then catch them in mid-flight using chopsticks
    * From a standing position, Lee could hold a 125 lb (57 kg) barbell straight out
    * Lee could break wooden boards 6 inches (15 cm) thick
    * Lee performed a side kick while training with James Coburn and broke a 150-lb (68 kg) punching bag
    * Lee could cause a 300-lb (136 kg) bag to fly towards and thump the ceiling with a side kick
    * In a move that has been dubbed “Dragon Flag”, Lee could perform leg lifts with only his shoulder blades resting on the edge of a bench and suspend his legs and torso perfectly horizontal midair
    * Lee could thrust his fingers through unopened steel cans of Coca-Cola, at a time before cans were made of the softer aluminum metal
    * Lee could use one finger to leave dramatic indentations on pine wood

  84. al

    February 7, 2011
    7:36 PM

    I wonder how Lee would go in UFC

  85. Antony (mormon)

    February 9, 2011
    12:50 PM

    Cool, I turn 15 tomorrow. I’m half english half greek (FTW)
    I want to get stronger. I WANT a six pack. My BIGGEST problem is motivation. I know I can do 10-20 chin ups, but When I get to five I just let go. :( I’m only 5’1
    Weird thing is my fastest time for a mile (1.6KM) is 7:50 seconds. Is that good? I can do 150-200 sit ups – no joke! Some things I’m AMAZING at, but others i just cant motivate my self to do…
    Another thing GO ON JERRY MORRIS! YOU HERO!

  86. red

    February 10, 2011
    1:35 AM

    IM 19 5’11 170 pounds ive been working out hard for about 3 months now. My max on bench is 200lbs but my strength seems to dive up and down every day, im not sure y, i usually work out with about 155 on bench and do 4 sets of 12 reps but for the last week or so i have only been able to do 8 reps instead of my usual 12 does anybody no y this might happen and if anybody knows a good bulking routine to get on that would also be helpful as my long trem goal is to get my max bench up to 300lbs and my wieght up to 205lbs

  87. cjb

    February 10, 2011
    5:23 PM

    Ok I think this should be by region or something because here in west Texas we work out in high school to get the girls, we get a job to support the partying we do find out oilfield or farming pays more than a little part time job forget the gym because only so many hours in a day 10 – 12 hours go to work that’s half a day for you younger guys that have class for 8 hours and do nothing but work out and chase girls . Ok at the end of work here we are tired but most have been able to find a woman have kids and settle down so half a day of work then home with our family’s till 8 or 9 then bed time cause work comes early. That to me is average I don’t have bench stats because to me is useless. Try this run up a flight of 30 stairs 20 times a day, hand from a Derrick 30 foot abovethe ground wrestling a 60 pound hook and cable. Then climbing back to the ground wrestling inch and a guaryer lines chasing trucks then going home that is average I work with about 60 guys daily and 95% of them could out work and out play everyone here and not be able to tell you how much they can bench. A man by physical standards doesn’t exist because everywhere life is different. I might have the stamina to run a mile now but I ran a 4.39 mile and a 17.58 3 mile cross country. Couldn’t Bo it now but can put in the hours I do at work and still have a life. I am average I think but until u get a scale of people here where I live we will never know…..

  88. ejr

    February 12, 2011
    11:04 PM

    what they need to put on here is the stats of the average man that exercises or works out on the regular. I do a few sets on the bench a week to keep in shape, I am 34 5,9 185lbs and I max 325. I have been casually working out since I was a kid. For people like me these stats dont apply, I am not the “average man”

  89. dave sheppard

    February 13, 2011
    12:03 AM

    the stats are right on according to my research. Thank God I don’t fall into any of the category’s. Better off in every area,

  90. abel rojas

    February 15, 2011
    6:12 PM

    well im 16 years old and i am 6′ and weigh 150, i bench press 195 and squat 275 and i dead lift 335. im in high school and im about average in my weight training class. but there are kids that bench alot more than me. the record was 365 by my friend. it doesnt matter about age, if you work out most likely you will be strong. once you hit about 14, if you consistantly work you will be strong. and according to your weight, u should bench at least your iwn weight.

  91. Abel Rojas and the other teens are lying

    February 17, 2011
    10:58 AM

    This is all just hilarious. A bunch teens lying to each other.

    I used to be involved in competitive power lifting. The 148lb Idaho state record (for teens….) used to be 240lbs for the bench press with the deadlift over 450lbs. Abel you’re either lying or your so far above the average kid for your age it’s not true. Although at 6 ft and 150lbs you can’t have any muscle on you at all…… So I think it’s the first.

    Abel Rojas – Wow 150 and you can dead lift 335 at 16. The Idaho state record for a kid weighing 220lbs was 405lbs just a few years ago (albeit a 14 yr old)

    Stop lying get training

  92. Mike

    February 21, 2011
    4:52 PM

    Humility is a virtue lost ages ago. Nobody on here knows who you are so why post your stats? The study already found the averages in all of these areas. If you are on this site, you are probably above average. The truth is that nobody other than you actually cares. Even your wife or your friends don’t REALLY care, they just say they do so you’ll shut up.

  93. Mike

    February 21, 2011
    5:01 PM

    Also, if you’re in the Army and your fitness level is below average, please don’t post about it on a website. Come on. I know what you guys do for “PT”, but drinking as many Rip-its(tm) as you can and then using the power rack for bicep curls doesn’t prepare you for combat. Then again, “combat” for 85% of you consists of checking ID cards at the MWR.

  94. m

    February 27, 2011
    3:11 PM


  95. Wayne

    March 3, 2011
    5:57 PM

    I’m taller than average, heavier than average, older than average, good for a sprint, bad for a distance. Have less hair at 57 than when I was 30, but I still have most of my teeth. I can still walk into the gym and throw around enough weight that the youngters will say “I hope I can do that at your age” which is usually followed by a snicker and a “If I live that long”

  96. Jimi G.

    March 13, 2011
    10:16 PM

    I declare shenanigans. I’m 14, i bench 200, squat 305, and dead-lift 325. Granted, I play football, I wrestle, and I play LAX but I mean come on. This is more like the average fat middle aged american.

  97. Leroy Brown

    March 14, 2011
    6:17 PM

    I’m 27, run a mile in just under 5 minutes….bench press 400lbs with hands together…570 lbs wide grip…The secret is all in the mind…When I work out, I’m always telling myself that I’m the baddest mofoker in the Congo land.

  98. Will

    March 15, 2011
    1:48 AM

    When I was 18, I weighed around 135 pounds at 5’9″. Didn’t play sports. Could just barely do a one rep max in the bench of around 120 pounds.

    Joined the Army. Running was torture at first…hitting 40 push ups was always a real effort. After a few years my weight was up around 160…and I tried the bench again….1 rep max was 160 pounds if memory serves.

    My best effort ever in PT was a two mile run of 13:45. Typical PT performance out of me might be 42 push ups (I never seemed to gain any stamina in my chest/arms…but I didn’t work out outside of morning exercises), 50 sit ups, and a little over 14 minutes for two miles.

    When I left the Army at 22 my weight was around 167 pounds and hovered near that for maybe 6-7 years…worked out in the gym slightly off and on. At some point in that time span I achieved a one rep max of 220lbs…just to test for fun….didn’t work the barbell for reps.

    I also had around 14.4% body fat around that time (mid 20′s).

    Well, now I am in my mid forties…..I weigh over 190 pounds….20 push ups is a struggle…I am on heart and blood pressure medication…my knees and lower back are weak….and I probably couldn’t run one mile without collapsing of exhaustion.

    I hope this account encourages some of the more average guys like myself out there.

  99. Luke Nixon

    March 18, 2011
    7:45 PM

    The average man will boast about how much better than average they are.

  100. Leo

    March 21, 2011
    1:54 AM

    I’m 34, run two miles in 11:03 minutes, do 135 push ups in two minutes, 124 situps in two minutes, max bench press of 465, do 24 pull ups, have 49 inch chest relaxed, 18 inch biceps, 5’7 inches tall and weigh 205 pounds. My heart rate ranges from 44-55 bpm.

  101. Diamond Dave

    March 22, 2011
    1:22 PM

    I just finished 4 laps around the local high school track…1/4 mile track…Finished in 3 minutes and 17 seconds…. Also can do 90 pushups in one minute.

  102. Betterthen you

    March 22, 2011
    4:40 PM

    I am 96 years old. I run 1.5 miles in five minutes, and I bench 500lbs for three reps. I do 1000 pushups in a half hour, and I do three Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders simultaneously for 8 hours every night.

  103. t-dogg

    March 27, 2011
    12:36 AM

    My stats:
    Age: 17
    Height: 5’11″
    Weight: 143 Lbs
    Standing Reach: 7’7″
    Standing vertical leap: 21″
    Running vertical leap: 25″
    Push Ups: 20-25
    Bench Press: 115 Lbs estimate because I can do 95 Lbs for 7 reps.
    One arm press (In the air standing) 45 Lbs right arm, 40 Lbs left
    One arm deadlift bring up to waist: Over 80 Lbs each arm (max weight I can fit on my dumbell)
    Sit ups in one minute: 35 (so close lol)
    Max sit ups: about 55-60
    Waist: 31″
    Chest: 35″
    Bicep: 12.5″ flexed
    Pull-Ups: 6
    One arm curl: 40 Lbs
    Bodyfat: Don’t know but I have a visible 6 pack if I pull in.
    Running: I very rarely run but I can jog up a reasonable 700 metre hill in 4 minutes ahaha.

    I am new to lifting, could only do 95 lbs 2 weeks ago, thinking of joining a gym :). Someone I know who is 180 pounds says he can bench 250 and I’m going to the gym to see if he is bullsh***ing or not hahaha.

  104. Rory

    March 29, 2011
    12:00 PM

    Just did 1500 pushups in 12 minutes…Feel like kicking some AZZ.

  105. Big Ben

    March 29, 2011
    4:10 PM

    Folks…I just bench pressed a personal record….645 lbs…Was somewhat surprised to get two reps…Felt so good that after I went to an outside tree and finished workout with 86 consecutive pull ups…Now I’m off for a 8 mile run…See you in about an hour!

  106. qwertyuiop

    April 2, 2011
    9:44 AM

    yo guys im like 5 years old and i weigh 60 LBs but i can bench about 550 squat 750 i can run a mile in like 30 seconds, and im 18 feet tall

  107. Hee Haw

    April 5, 2011
    3:21 PM

    Check these stats…

    I’m 31 years old, stand 5’6″, weigh 280 lbs, bench 100 lbs, curl 20 oz cans like nobody’s business, ran a mile about a decade ago, never managed a pull-up, can’t do a proper push-up because my belly drags, and my hair is starting to thin at the back…

    And I’m probably happier with myself than the rest of you guys put together.


  108. mike

    April 13, 2011
    8:00 PM

    Im average,im 44,5’11″ blond ,blue eyes,32 in waist,balding,single,1 child,devorced.7 chin ups,and a whole lot of chess.

  109. mike

    April 13, 2011
    9:29 PM

    yes it is funny how many of you are writing in to brag. I also know from working at serveral small state universities the number of people either doing roids and many other suppl. I mean I know for a fact that the majority are at div. III schools and most started long before in high school. How many of you posting true #’s are doing roids and other supplements. I’ve only done creatine and even that makes a huge diff. And yes I can believe these stats, for every man who works out prob. 5 do almost nothing.

  110. Tom

    April 15, 2011
    6:37 PM

    I’m below average. I am 23 years odl which should be my prime, 5″3, over 40k a year, 15 push ups in a minutes. 50 situps in a minute, 1 pull up, and a mile in 6 miuntes and 58 seconds.

  111. roy Hall

    April 16, 2011
    12:42 PM

    C’mon a 69 yr old man can run a mile in 16 minutes plus !!

  112. Jay

    April 17, 2011
    9:28 PM

    I’m 49 and have been a runner most of my life, 8 months of weight training and cutting back on the running and I’ve gained 14 pounds of muscle. 5′ 8″ and 164 pds, max bench 215, push ups 50+, max squat about 280. The thing is, I don’t think I look as good as others my weight at the gym. 14.5 inch biceps and can’t seem to get bigger in the last 2 months. Very toned looking, but not BIG. Any suggestions?

  113. al

    April 17, 2011
    9:47 PM

    Roy Hall,
    Don’t get your post,are you saying a 69 year old man can run a mile in 16 minutes or cannot?

  114. djock

    April 21, 2011
    6:37 PM

    The bench press thing is way low I thought. I am 15 years old and bench press 385 pounds.

  115. al

    April 22, 2011
    3:01 AM

    sure you can djock,I think you are getting pounds mixed up with ounces ha ha

  116. elio

    April 22, 2011
    12:10 PM

    I am 39 yo, 5’7″, 178 lbs, cuban (Miami), max bench: 280lbs, 15.2 inches biceps, 44 chest. 1 mile: 8:15, 3 miles: 26min. Divorced (no kids yet), A Racquetball player

  117. Tito

    April 26, 2011
    2:46 PM

    I’m 19 5ft 9…. 170 lbs…Today I set the Junior College record for bench pressing 725lbs…not once but 4 times…I’m foken geeked!!!! Can I get a hell yeah!!!!!?????

  118. 46

    April 27, 2011
    9:49 AM

    I’m 46 6′tall 245 lbs with a muscular build. I could loose 15-20 lbs realistically but i can carry it well with my size. I have been training for 2 yrs on an elliptical and just started running instead, so as a point if reference I’m completing 1 mile in 12 minutes. This is very difficult and requires a combination of running and walking as I need to catch my
    breath. This time is after 5 days of running so I’m still very new to this. I’m surprised how hard it is considering that I’m in pretty good shape from my previous exercising. I think the average 46 year old male would complete a mile in 18-20 minutes which would be mostly walking. My hats off to those of you who run a mile in 8 minutes or less. Very impressive.

  119. al

    April 29, 2011
    7:19 AM

    46,I think the average 46 year old male would complete a mile in 12 minutes or less.I think it is so difficult for you because of your weight,you are just not built for running,so good on you for giving it a go.
    I am 59,160lb and can run a mile in 6.30 minutes on the treadmill.Bear in mind treadmill running is easier as it carries you along and to experience the same degree of difficulty as running outside you would need to have the treadmill at an incline of 2.5%

  120. John

    May 2, 2011
    7:22 PM

    this is too all you stupid jokers out there.. Ronny Coleman has been bodybuilding for more then 25 years and his bench press is 495LB = 224.5kg.. I don’t think you skinny greasy undeveloped teenagers are benching in excess of 20kg for get a grip!!

  121. eric

    May 2, 2011
    7:28 PM

    26, 5 feet 4, 430lb, don’t work out and like to eat fast food and play world of warcraft everyday. I don’t care about being fit as long as I have a bad ass character to own all of you.

  122. John

    May 15, 2011
    7:37 PM

    this information is probably right, think about it you aren going to search for the average if you are average, when you are larger and want to prove it to yourself like i did then you research, quit acting simple and think about people and how they act before you comment!!!

  123. Sidney

    May 16, 2011
    9:37 PM

    im a freaking 11 year old and do all this crap!

  124. Oz

    May 17, 2011
    5:08 PM

    I am 46 and 198lbs. I can bench nearly 300lbs and have not worked out since 1997. I can also hold my body straight out from a pole… and run fully up 14 flights of stairs without getting too winded. I took on the diet they gave my dad when he had his first heart attack. I don’t cook with oil and stay away from fatty foods. I only eat bacon on christmas. I don’t smoke… never take even asprin and limit my drinking. I look like I am in my early 30′s. Maybe taking care of one’s self really helps.

  125. Oz

    May 17, 2011
    5:11 PM

    I like to believe I am an average man. Maybe I am not.

  126. super r-type

    May 18, 2011
    9:20 PM

    these statistics are a little off. im 16, weigh 200lbs, can bench 200lbs 20 times, and do 15 push-ups yet my mile speed is 9+ min and can barely do 1 pull up at a time, it all depends on what you work out. im also not skinny.

  127. mikebert

    May 20, 2011
    6:16 PM

    The average man is not teenager, nor is he 55, he’s in his early 30′s. So what teenagers can do or what fifty-somethings can do is not directly comparable to these stats. The average man does not belong to a gym, does not work or exercise. If you do any of these things what you can do is likewise not comparable to these stats.

  128. Drew

    May 23, 2011
    10:16 PM

    My max bench was 100 a year and a half ago.

    Now, Age: 18
    Weight: 162
    Height: 6’0”
    Mile time: Pushed a 6:40 at close to max effort
    Max bench: 175, (probably can hit 180 next week)
    Max deep squat: Around 225
    Would I rather work out or have sex: Have sex

  129. Franco Volpone

    May 25, 2011
    10:55 PM

    No I am not the average man, I am 50 years old this July 9th, 2011 I just had my physical for my life insurance, I am still the top of the class, Elite Plus. I bench 265lbs. 5 reps, I can do 15 wide grip pulls ups 4 sets for my back warm up. I am 5’8″ tall 180lbs. 10% body fat. I have a 46″ chest/back, 33″ waist, 18″ biceps flexed, 14″ forearms flexed, 24.5″ thighs flexed, 17″ calves flexed, 16.5″ neck, I am NOT THE AVG. MAN.

  130. will

    May 27, 2011
    2:53 PM

    im 17 and 99 pounds and 5-6and my max bench is 150..dumdbell press 55 in each hand sooo haha i can dumbell press ova my weight i can run the mile in 6 min and can do 60 dips and 80 push ups i hav visible abs with out flexing and italian wich makes me better than YOU

  131. Realistic

    May 28, 2011
    3:42 PM

    lmaooo reading the comments was a lot more entertaining than reading the article. BTW i think lots of the comments are about the strength averages becuase we got to this site from googling “average strength measurements for men” or something like that. These average seem about right.

  132. LiarBuster

    May 29, 2011
    10:58 PM

    Go take a stats class at your local community college, maybe you’re meat head might learn what standard deviation is– same thing goes for the rest of you. Outliers may or may not have affected the mean, but you’d have to take in consideration the population size. Hello, these minute details may’ve skipped your minds but they are VERY important when it comes to surveys. If you’re on here bragging about how strong you are, you must have Napolean complex; AKA you’re compensating for something else you don’t have.

  133. Jemoede

    May 30, 2011
    3:08 PM

    Guys, Keep in mind that the people who look for these kind of sites and post comments are usually the people that are in shape.

  134. michael

    May 31, 2011
    3:44 PM

    I expected to be above the physical stats and maybe on line with the$$$ nice to see the avg man makes less than I do. Its great to get satisfaction from your hard work, good to see how far removed from a weak couch potato we all are. However, to really compare, one would need a like population, the average man is truthfully below avg. Keep up the good work all you above average; we need to keep these #’s up to have something to shoot for

  135. God

    May 31, 2011
    10:16 PM

    Er…God here…er…titter, titter. Average means that half the guys in the world are performing below these stats. Half above. My intention, however was to have men performing at the average…no more, no less. I’m really disappointed about all the aberrance.

  136. Joe

    June 6, 2011
    4:07 PM

    This article made me feel good about myself.

  137. sam

    June 12, 2011
    2:42 AM

    the average man is weak im 20 bench press 345 and 225 for 24 reps i weigh 175 i do alot of power lifting tho it took me about 3 years of hard work too get there idk how good my mile is but my 40 yard dash is 4.52

  138. al

    June 12, 2011
    2:59 AM

    There is so much untruthful boasting here it is laughable.One that comes to mind is Leo back on March 21, mention this because I know about running.He is 67 inches tall,205 pounds and claims to have run 2 mile in 11 min 03 seconds,what a load of baloney.It is impossible to carry thayt weight,especially as he is short ,and run that time.It is as ludicrous as me claiming I can bench 600 lb even though i weigh only 164 pound

  139. bill

    June 12, 2011
    7:27 PM

    I think half the posters are full of it. And I think some of the averages must be wrong.

    I have a hard time believing that the average male runs an 8:34 mile. 33% of U.S. men are obese, and may not even be able to RUN a mile.

    I’m well into my 40s, 6’1″ and 190 lbs, and consider myself to be out of shape, but certainly above average amongst the people I see. I don’t know my mile time, but run 3 miles in 27:00 every other day. I only bench on machines, with a max set of 8x180lbs.

  140. Jake

    June 14, 2011
    8:05 AM

    This is sad I am 15, and my chest fully exhaled is 44 inches. My arms are 17 inches. I am 5’11” and 225lbs. I destroy the mile by almost 2 minutes, I can do 35 pushups on one minue and I can do six or seven pullups even though by back is bad. Is this really the average man or the below average.

  141. bill

    June 14, 2011
    5:39 PM

    According to the latest CIA factbook, the average male in the U.S. is 35.6 years old. But really, I think of men as being 18 or older, so the average man is probably more like 45-50 years old?

    Jake, you are 15 years old. Check back in 30 years after you’ve gotten married and raised a few kids, and let us know if you’re still ripped and run a 6 minute mile.

  142. Derplol

    June 16, 2011
    9:58 PM

    Yeah I’m like 11 years old but I bench 10,000 pounds not a big deal. I thought I’d post about it on the internet because I’m so sick.

  143. Jake

    June 18, 2011
    11:00 AM

    Ok bill see you in 30 years

  144. Rick

    June 19, 2011
    9:23 PM

    Jake, your grammar skills are below average. Maybe spend a little less time in the gym to control your ego, and then hit the books a little…

  145. Evan Beechel

    June 20, 2011
    4:54 AM

    I am 5’10 180 lbs. 21 years old and i bench 810 lbs. for warming up each morning. my current max is 1900 (since ive been taking a break from working out). I can do 450 pushups in 30 secs. im pretty sure i can beat all of you up while im sleeping so please stop talking about all the weight you can lift. oh I also get a lot of dates with very attractive females because not only is my body amazing but my personality is also. i’m very humble understanding. later losers.

  146. Evan Beechel

    June 20, 2011
    4:57 AM

    you can be whoever you want on the internet. its awesome! ps. i just had lunch with jessica alba but she was annoying so i ditched her for the gym…ppsshh

  147. Voice of Reason

    June 21, 2011
    1:27 PM

    There is a reason almost every one that commented on this site is above average…. everyone on here(including myself) are the only people that care about there fitness level. And if you care about your fitness level, you will work out. Plain and simple.

  148. Dee

    June 21, 2011
    10:15 PM

    i am 39 yrs old and i can do 12 to 15 pullups at 195lbs and clicks of 50 to 40 for 4oo push ups.

  149. Lilly

    June 23, 2011
    3:40 PM

    How typical of men :) the site talks about the averages and 90% of all posters try to convince the others, also men, (or themselves?) that they are not an average Joe, physically. It’s important to remember – women don’t care about these statistics; women care about YOU… and, perhaps, the guy’s income; however it sounds, it’s true regardless of what girls say not to offend a guy.

  150. eat your wheaties

    June 23, 2011
    6:50 PM

    i got on here to find out what a top 10% 40-49 man’s 800 meter time would be, but had a chuckle reading the article. then i had a blast reading the comments! you guys are a hoot! one thing i noticed is that in the stats they say that the physical trait that most men care about is chest (substantiated by all the big bench pressing going on here) yet the feature most women cared about was the butt. so i’m going to make a correlation and say that all you big bench pressers are out to impress guys, and therefore likely gay, while the few guys who talked about doing squats probably have nice butts and are going to get laid soon.

    fwiw, the only stats i care about are how good i feel, how often i get to actually have sex, if i can feed myself and my family, and can i beat my personal best on the erg. oh, and hopefully a couple times a year, to be right (according to my wife ;)

    and to all you superheros on here, come back and post after you have times on the C2 for 2K, 10K, and marathon distances.

  151. mike taylor

    June 24, 2011
    2:59 PM

    hi im mike, im 20 5’10 170lbs. i bench around 250….is that average?

  152. PowDer Belly

    June 24, 2011
    6:45 PM

    mike taylor,

    no this is quite below the average, in fact I’d even be embarrassed to say something like this, e.g. 250lbs bench press, in public. C’mon man, you gotta run to the gym and work out till you throw up and start pressing at least 400lb or girls won’t wanna have sex with you, you weakie! No need to read the article, just trust me – you are below the average, I’m tellin’ ya!!

  153. Dave Again

    June 26, 2011
    2:07 AM

    Love these stories about the youngsters. Would like to hear from you in 35/40 years. I now prefer to do higher reps on lower weight. Here’s a good test of real strength and endurance. Bench 75% of body weight as many reps as possible. I can still get over 60 reps. Age? Mid fifties.

  154. NYCE

    June 29, 2011
    3:45 PM

    i guess im just a stud… i throw around 235 about 11 times. havent maxed in years and im 20. i run a 6 20 mile. oh. im also a professional baseball player

  155. Jesse

    July 1, 2011
    7:57 AM

    PowDer Belly,
    Girls don’t care if you can bench 400 lbs and if you couldn’t get laid unless you could then only about 3% of guys would get any action. I can tell you that I most certainly can not bench 400 although I am busting my ass in the gym trying to get there. Mike you are doing just fine for a 20 year old I would not be concerned if I were you.

  156. Adam

    July 6, 2011
    10:53 PM

    Why in God’s name are there so many liars in these comments? Oh, you’re 16 and you put up 315 benching like it’s no big deal? Oh, you run a 5.5 minute mile at 51?

    C’mon guys. No you don’t.

  157. al

    July 8, 2011
    10:11 AM

    Yes they are such liars.I am 60 and can only run a mile in 6 min 30 seconds these days

  158. Danny

    July 13, 2011
    4:25 AM

    Seems like most of the averages are pretty accurate. I’m 32 and I’m average in most things except for bench press which I’m only lifting 135lbs for 1 rep. I also have joint pain and a list of other b.s. from Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus. I used to put up far better numbers as I’ve been working out most of my life. Point is, strive to be the best you can be and be grateful that you can do what you can do already.

  159. Ziz

    July 14, 2011
    9:56 PM

    I am 46 years old, 220 pounds, so according to an average man, I am obese ;). I ran yesterday 5km 23:46 It was very hard, I must lose weight….

  160. Chris

    July 15, 2011
    4:51 PM

    What a said commentary all these responses are , this only serves to further the idea that Americans are soooo self absorbed !!! I am sure that the average was taken from global statistics !!!

  161. Mixed feelings

    July 17, 2011
    3:00 PM

    Hmm… I’m not sure what to make of all this. I mean I just wanted to know if was truly strong for my size as people say. But with all these macho kids… All right honest answers please. I’m 5’5 and only 130lbs I have honestly no clue how much I can bench.. I know I can curl my body weight and can lift my 145lb brother up with one arm and carry my 6’4 375lb buddy like we’re married lol I don’t work out but it could just be genetics since my father could deadlift 800lbs in his 50s back when he was training. My push ups are alright and I can do 5 pull-ups. I don’t have the strongest legs due to injury and I’m mostly shoulders anways lol.

  162. Mixed feelings

    July 17, 2011
    3:04 PM

    And in all honesty I would trade it all for a nice defined six-pack

  163. Mid Twenty’s Male ,,,

    July 19, 2011
    7:24 AM

    Well ,,, I’m 5’8″ ,,, 170lbs ,,, 26 years of age ,,, After 1.5 months of lifting every other day since not lifting for years ,,, I maxed out at 305lbs Flat Bench Press ,,, but I do reps of 245lbs Flat Bench Press at 3sets x 9 reps ( so I don’t blow out my joints ) sometimes less weight in sets like 225lbs 13-18 reps ! ,,, Decline Bench Press I don’t try anymore than 250lbs ,,, Incline Bench Press about the same as Decline ,,, I can’t perform Squats do to crap Knees/Ankles ,,, My arms are 16″ ,,, I Do Curls at 50lbs x 8-9 reps (correct form yes !!!) ,,,

    I don’t take any steroids , creatine , hgh , or anything like that ,,, eat Good Protein , Good Carbs , Good Food , LOTS of water ,,, I take Vitamins A,B,C,D !!! ,,, I also Do “HIIT” (High Intensity Interval Training) Cardio Training every other day ,,, Lift weights every other day ,,,I get enough sleep as well !

    And I was A LOT STRONGER and FASTER at 16 ,,, then I am now ,,, but my ego won’t accept it ! lol

    Take into account I naturally have LARGE arms ( Triceps and Biceps ) ,,, a SHORTER limbs ( since I am shorter ! lol ) ,,, and Larger Frame ! ( according to the doctor I do lol )

    Oh yeah ,,, and Dumb-bell Presses 100lb’s 6-10 reps x 3 sets ,,, Dumb-bell fly’s 50lbs ( in good form ) 6-10 reps x 3 sets !

  164. buffed nerd

    July 21, 2011
    8:50 AM

    what a bunch of losers, coming on here just to brag….
    And take it with a grain of salt. unless they polled all 146+ million men in the US..this won’t be accurate. If you are better than this so-called average, just enjoy it…but don’t brag about it. Be like me and compete against yourself….I just started running again and i wanted to know if my time was decent…well, it is not…but I am getting there rather quickly so now I have my next goal!

  165. Pipey Longstopping

    July 21, 2011
    10:08 AM

    Very interesting. I am 46, 6′-3″, 185#. A gym is for basketball, isn’t it? I run for beer with the Hash House Harriers. How long it takes to do a mile? Depends on how well the trail has been laid out, and how many beer or shot checks are along the way. Not to mention, it’s always more fun to follow a Harriette in a short skirt! And when it comes to getting laid, a large package trumps all else. :)

  166. zab90

    July 21, 2011
    4:44 PM

    ok the truth is i am 21 170 lbs , can do 20 pull ups,and can bench 180 lbs 12 reps, and can do a mile in 6min 54 wat u all gonna say..

  167. Mikooo:)

    July 24, 2011
    5:36 AM

    Im 15, 5’8, 220 .
    i maxx out at about 210
    and im just wondering is that too muchh or too less?
    and it sucks even moree, i have a big gutt so im basically looking like a square compared too everyone aroundd me,
    i need info, too much or too less?

  168. joe

    July 25, 2011
    6:19 AM

    Sounds pretty realistic zab

  169. DC

    July 26, 2011
    6:16 PM

    They’re missing one important average that may be of a concern to men everywhere…

    …oh come on do I really need to explain this one?

  170. ARN

    July 27, 2011
    2:17 PM

    stats: 17 years, 188 pounds, 6 foot 1, 10% bf, 7 minute mile, 280 bench, 330 squat, 365 deadlift. I’ve been working out four times a week for a good year now, which is why I’m above average on most things. If not, I’d probably be at or below average. I love the BS 14 15 year olds that get on here and talk about how I can bench 700 squat 4000 run a 2 minute mile .00000002% body fat,etc. sitting behind their computer screen all day making up dumb crap to try to make themselves feel somewhat superior. Anyways, hats off to those who actually get on here to compare themselves to the average and write accurate information. Great article BTW.

  171. Dingdong

    July 28, 2011
    5:34 AM

    The average man doesnt look at these statistics because he is scared that he is average…..

  172. joey

    July 29, 2011
    5:12 AM

    zab a mile in 6 min 54 is slow, i can do a mile in 5.43

  173. joey

    July 29, 2011
    5:13 AM

    and i am 43 with 3 kids

  174. zab90

    July 29, 2011
    5:48 PM

    nice one joey..

  175. kyle v

    July 29, 2011
    6:47 PM

    14 year old 155 lbs 6 feet tall i consider myself fit and am fit under 7 min mile bench press just under body weight 1 time many more than average correct for sit-ups and push-ups usually do 3 sets of 12 pullups in a couple minutes with a water break 13 inch biceps flexed 39 inch chest inhaled 32.5 waist belong to gym 5+ times per week

  176. Drew

    July 30, 2011
    2:45 PM

    I think most guys who came across this site are insecure, including me. Most people who hit the gym are always comparing themselves with others. I can say that I beat almost all of these averages. Today I turned 34 and thought I was getting old until I seen that I am still in pretty good shape. I understand why all these gym rats are on here. The average guy probably doesn’t care where he physically stands, so the average guy would never look at this site. I enjoy comparing myself against others as do most of the people on here posting. I wish the best of luck to all of you in your training goals.

  177. Drew

    July 30, 2011
    2:50 PM

    To Kyle v and the rest of you teenagers, as long as you are doing something besides playing videos games all day you are probably fairly fit. Be a kid and stop worrying where you stand as far as a average man. You are still kids, enjoy it because it goes by fast.

  178. Ryan

    August 1, 2011
    5:50 PM

    Interesting that the average male can run 1.5 miles at a faster pace than he can run 1 mile (8:30 pace vs. 8:34). Most trained runners would probably run 1.5 miles about 10 seconds/mile slower than their 1 mile race pace. I suspect untrained people would slow down more than that. Makes me seriously question these results…

  179. Joe

    August 5, 2011
    8:56 PM

    Yeah right! Pshhh. I’m 14 and I can bench press 750lbs! Pshh come on losers hah!

  180. Jim

    August 5, 2011
    11:47 PM

    I can beat all of these!

  181. Konnie Mac

    August 8, 2011
    5:22 AM

    I’m 36 years old. I can bench about 285 lbs and I weigh 230 lbs. Thats about 1.24 x my BW. That’s in the 90th percentile of all men. However I still feel quite inadequate at the gym. There are smaller guys that can do as much, if not, more than me. I would like to drop about 20 – 25 lbs and be able to bench 400. That’s my ultimate goal.

  182. pipen

    August 11, 2011
    3:08 AM

    I’m 156 years old I’m half elf and I hate harry potter I’m 3’1″ I can bench 20lb run the mile in 3 hours my biceps are 6 ” I can do 4pull ups and make flipen cookies in a flipen tree how’s that for your average stats

  183. GodAmongMen

    August 12, 2011
    10:25 PM

    Thanks for all the humor guys err boys. Dudes posting here are definitely nowhere to be found in the most popular gyms in the metropolis that I live in. It makes me proud to see all God-like creatures posting all in one place. Me? I am 270 pounds with 25 inch biceps and can bench 1000 pounds. Hey, why can’t I live a little like the other blowhards posting here?

  184. steven

    August 19, 2011
    4:39 PM

    I did’nt know God works out. I suppose he could kick everybody’ but.I’m 6-1 227.5 pounds with 6.9 percent bodyfat. I can bench press 390 and run the mile in 5:10 seconds. I have 26 years of weight training under my belt.

  185. chris

    August 19, 2011
    9:29 PM

    your all weak i’m 40 and i put up 300 for sets of 5×4

  186. Ryan

    August 21, 2011
    1:15 AM

    I’m 18 years old, 6’3 and 195 lbs. I sleep 9 hours a night, Bench press 285 max or 200 for 10 reps, run a mile in 4:52, my 1.5 mile time is around 8:30. I can do 70 or so pushups in a minute, and close to 90 situps in a minute with good form. I have 15.5 inch arms, a 45.5 inch chest and a 33 inch waist.

  187. Big Rich

    August 23, 2011
    9:41 AM


  188. Jon 31

    August 24, 2011
    3:01 PM

    Wuz sup fellows , I’m 31 6′ ft 178 now. Best work out is atleast 30min. Every other day . And some cardio 2/3 times a week . An most important …. Stop the fast food . Eat lots of greens meat an cheese. An most of all have a good sex life that will keep u and her happy : )

  189. Matt 29

    August 26, 2011
    3:01 PM

    Perhaps people do not understand what average means.

    It’s not the average person working out in a gym, it’s the average person on the street. Only about 15% of people belong to a gym.

    So chances are if you belong and go to a gym you are going to be higher than these averages. This takes into account people that don’t work out at all as well.

    All of you “bragging” about how much higher you are….Are you also the weight droppers and mirror flexers at the gym?

  190. J Coffman

    August 29, 2011
    10:40 AM

    At 18 198lbs I benched 380 pounds.Now I am 44 and can only bench 260ibs. I worked out all the time when I was 18,now I never work out.
    For all you young people,the 20′s and lower 30′s are the strongest times of your lives so don’t think you are any different than the average

  191. B Soogz

    August 29, 2011
    4:50 PM

    This is depressing =/ i’m 18 and 5’8, can’t bench more than 130 and weigh 115 pounds… Oh well at least my IQ is 128

  192. Jay

    August 29, 2011
    11:12 PM

    I am 22yrs old 5’7″ weigh 190 17″ biceps i bench 335 1RM! above average all day!

  193. Nate Dogg

    August 30, 2011
    3:47 PM

    I am 36 195 ripped bench 225 ten times. Also deadlift 405 no roids never. Oh buy the way i broke my back 6 years ago.

  194. Eric

    August 31, 2011
    1:55 PM

    I’m 5’9″ 161 lbs can do 10 over hand pull-ups; not sure on the bench; I hate push-ups and sit-ups; skinny and carry a gun. Welcome to Texas. On an when I quit smoking after 15 years I started running and got up to 10 miles without puking. Getting to ten took almost a year and lots of puking:) Now I think God invented running in case a bear is chasing you; it will give the bear some fun.

  195. hayden

    September 5, 2011
    3:15 AM

    What’s up with all you ppl? Maybe we need a lesson in averages….you add up all the samples and then divide by the # of samples. All you guys saying “the average max bench is only 160 I can bench 250″, you’ve also prob been lifting weights for a while and gain muscle easier than some of us. What % of the population do you actually think is lifting every day? I’m 20 and my max bench last year was 125, I also only lift weights about 4 times a year for my kinesiology classes, and I’m 6’4″, 155lbs, and have a very hard time gaining muscle. But hey I can run a sub 5 min mile, a 52sec 400m, a 2:05 half mile, run 9 miles in under a hour, and complete a marathon or ultra-marathon, but I’ve also been running almost every day for 8 yrs. Get off your high horse thinking you just came out of your mommas vag benching 250:p

  196. Allan

    September 6, 2011
    7:59 PM

    Although there are several people on this site lying, I don’t doubt most of the numbers. Just think about it……the average man doesn’t care about working out or about how strong he is compared to everyone else. If he did he would go to the gym more often. He would have no reason to be on a site like this looking up averages. Most of the people on here are only here because they want to see how much above average they are.

  197. blackopsfan

    September 15, 2011
    8:07 PM

    im 14 and i can easily run a 6:15 mile, and im 5′ 10 but i only weigh 105 pounds. this is because i am vegetarian. since last year i grew 4 inches but my weight has not changed. i could only do 1 pullup last year after lots of effort, but for some reason i can now easily do 10 + pullups. Why is this? I don’t workout, but i play tennis 2 hours a day and run 2 miles every day before i go to school

  198. Blake Hummel

    September 17, 2011
    12:20 AM

    I think im a bit above average…….. I am 6’11, 350lbs and can bench 550lbs, i have 25″ arms and can curl 120lbs with one arm.

  199. GrimReaper9333

    September 18, 2011
    3:34 AM

    im happy now just read everything up there im above average on mostly everything except running im1yrs old 6’0 and 150lbs i can bench only 200 my biceps are 13.5 i can do 65 sit ups in a minute with 30 pushups i always thought i was unfit but apparently im above average fit people and i only work out with my equipment at home with my bro im now pumped to make myself even better

  200. Charles

    September 18, 2011
    7:26 AM

    I’m 34 weigh 230lbs been working out for years, I can bench 450lbs, I havnet done cardio in years and I can jog a mile in 10 minutes. I know slow, I’m a police officer I let the youngs guys run them down and I bench press them into the ground when I get there lol

  201. blackopsfan

    September 19, 2011
    6:45 PM

    So you people never answered my question on why i had a strength increase

  202. Nicholas

    September 22, 2011
    10:08 AM

    I’d really like to know how many participated in the survey. I can bench about 230, and I wanna know who the group used is, and how many there were, so I can know how much pull the two or three 450 benchers, 4 minute mile runners, etc. actually have on the survey. 100? 1000? 10000?

  203. Jim

    September 22, 2011
    5:04 PM

    95% of statistics are made up on the spot.

  204. anon

    September 23, 2011
    4:59 AM

    the average american runs an 8 minute mile and weighs 82 kg. omg :D you must be joking!!!!

    People your the most obese nation in the world.

  205. Cassie

    September 25, 2011
    9:50 AM

    I can smell the stench of testosterone… “I can run blah blah blah”, “I can bench blah blah blah”, “I must be above average”… Stinky men!

  206. tucker

    September 27, 2011
    10:54 AM

    I think it just depends on what your going for on what you get better at I am trying to bulk up I am 5’8″ 180lbs 30years old started lifting hard again about a year ago could barely put up 180 on bench and and lastnight put up 260 my goal is 300 my arms are my strong point but been really workin on chest and legs but really weak in my legs and probably couldn’t run a mile in 2 1/2 hours lol might be lying a little on the running but I dont run so I don’t lose weight

  207. John

    September 28, 2011
    12:53 AM

    I’m 46 years old (look 36) and can still pull 26 year old chicks that are models. Top that!

  208. Al

    September 30, 2011
    9:44 AM

    Ryan and Steven are complete liars e4specially Ryan,no way that someone of that weight can run a mile around 5 minutes

  209. Warren

    October 1, 2011
    8:19 AM

    Well, I’m pushing 54 have a dud knee (no impact training at all) so squats and deadlifts are out for me. I’m 5’8″, weigh around 185lbs and I started training again eight months ago after a 10 year break. My best bench is 242 (110Kg) for 8 reps and I dip 3sets 10 reps with a 20kg plate.
    It’s not earth shattering, but ok for an old fart… :O))

  210. average joe

    October 3, 2011
    1:33 PM

    The more I read these posts, the more it reminds me of an online pick up site…Dudes talking about what they look like to other dudes. LOL. Bottom line is, there will always be someone stronger, faster, bigger, taller, more well hung…what ever- but then there will always be those who are fatter, slower, shorter, lazier.

    Do what you can do and be happy you have another day above ground and get to see another sunset.

    It will all end some day for each of us so live the best and most full lives you can, be the best person you can be- You should be measuring how many times you are polite to someone, how many times you smile to a stranger, how many people you help every day make their lives a better place.

    And before I get any hate remarks, yeah I’ve done a lot, ran a 5 min mile, ran marathons when I was 16, I was a gym rat for many years, doing my best to keep in shape now at 44 but after many years of chasing numbers, I’ve realized (numbers and measurments) don’t matter to anyone else, in the end just do what you can do and be glad God gives you another day to do it.


  211. sean

    October 6, 2011
    12:02 PM

    Im 14, so I’m not quite a man. But Im pretty strong, I’m really fast, I have a slim body. I weigh around 140, im 5″ 9′. The first time i benched was last week, and I did 80 lbs 10 times. I would’ve kept on going but my friend called. I did 20 chin ups. So, I don’t know am I going to be average?

  212. james

    October 6, 2011
    3:16 PM

    These statistics are sad, i’m 19 and 170lb and 6″4″, I’ve been working out for 3 months, and can already bench 250 lb :)

  213. scooter

    October 8, 2011
    1:08 PM

    I’m 5-10 (175lb) rep 225 28 times, 275 12 times, max around 360-370 (Competition rules, not gym rat style, no bench shirt and I’m 33, these younger dudes have to start throwing kegs of Budweiser instead of their XBox controllers. Hats off to the hard working young and older dudes on here.

  214. John

    October 12, 2011
    12:11 AM

    Enough with the showing off. I’m tired of people on here saying stuff like, “I can bench 900 pounds, the average has to be at least 300 pounds.” It isn’t. It just shows how bad your perspective really is, not to mention that most of you are probably lying anyways…

  215. Nek minnit

    October 15, 2011
    10:55 AM

    Oh yea… I just came out of the womb and I just bench pressed the whole hospital with my nose and I can do 2390842093480923480923809 pushups. Yea thats right my biceps are 55234223 inches and I dead lift an aircraft carriers 523423 times in 3 nano seconds… BEAT THAT. The internet never lies does it. XD

  216. Cesar

    October 17, 2011
    1:05 AM

    I’m 15 years old – -i’m 5’9″ I weigh 155 I max 185 lbs my biceps are 15″ and my mile is 6:16 i can do 47 pushups in a minute and i consider myself fit – - I’ve been lifting for 2 months

  217. steve

    October 22, 2011
    4:31 PM

    Hey Al ! I think you are just as much a lieing narcisist as anyone on here. You’ve posted enough times on here to prove it. This is my second post.It’s tough getting old isn’t it! You’re friggin 59 years old. P.s. I’m 100 years old.Have a great day and bite me!

  218. Luis

    October 23, 2011
    8:16 AM

    Did anybody notice the heart beats for a fit and un-fit male. Fit-34->8,000,000 , un-fit-19->8,000,000…umm that is pretty off. 50 beat a min. 60 mins in an hour. That is 3,000.. 24 hours a day. Now 72,000…in a hundred day… 7,200,000…so… I hope you see where I am going with this. These I called averages might be bogus. We are all individuals and should not be grouped. What is good for you might not be good for me. It all relative. And these numbers are speculative.

  219. paul

    October 24, 2011
    10:13 PM

    6′ – 167 – bench 175lbs 3 reps 6 times after doing 135x1x10 155x3x7 – minimal rest. 35 yrs old. sub 4HR Marathon runner (3.45Min). Suppose a wee bit above average.

  220. huff huff puff puff

    October 24, 2011
    10:15 PM

    all you clowns benching 350 certainly aren’t running over one mile. and chances are, in 10 years that’s fat baby.

  221. Jim J

    October 27, 2011
    12:24 AM

    lol @ all the insecure men here trying to prove to the Internet that they’re a hair above average in some aspect.

  222. al

    October 27, 2011
    8:08 AM

    That’s fine but you can’t and never could run a mile in 5 minutes at your weight,I could still outrun you at my age.Strength is a different matter you are probably 3 times as strong as me,each to their own baby

  223. Adriaan

    October 29, 2011
    5:39 PM

    Quite frankly no-one cares what you can bench, lift or run. Everyone has certain abilities and if yours is running (or whatever) then good for you. Most of us who belong to gyms will be better than average anyway, but so what? Do it for yourself, not because you trying to be better than anyone else – btw, there will always be someone faster, stronger and better than you. Enjoy it now, when you old you will remember the days you were in good shape(look at Arnold today vs his competition days)

  224. steve

    October 30, 2011
    9:25 PM

    Al, I ran track and cross- country in high school? In track I ran the 880 in 2: 28and the mile in 5;10. I weighed 167 pounds at 6-1 1/2 inches. I now weigh 225 pounds with 6.8 % bodyfat and can still run the mile in 5;33-5;;35so you can take that for what its worth. I can do maximum weights on iso 7x or close to maximum. I,m 47 years old.

  225. Frank Mosely

    November 1, 2011
    10:42 AM

    I’m old now, but I remember when Jack Lalaine and I used to have one arm pull-up contests on Muscle Beach. Jack would do 5, I’d do 10. Jack would do 18, then I’d strap a 50 lb plate on my back and do 20. Jack would hang on with three fingers, Dolly D. would climb on his back (~105 lbs) and he’d do 25… Those were the days. Now I can barely manage 150 kilo bench press reps, 12 one arm pull ups with either arm, squat 180 kilo for reps, and run 1600 meter (4 laps) 6:00 to 6:30 on the track. I’m 78 looking to go 90.

  226. j.cole smithers

    November 2, 2011
    10:34 AM

    im fat but im not that bad i can run a mile in 10minutes 27seconds so im not that far off im 23yrs old smoker and i weigh in at a whopping 267lbs.

  227. j.cole smithers

    November 2, 2011
    10:34 AM

    and im standing at 6’1

  228. 100%man

    November 2, 2011
    11:59 PM

    I’m 19, 6″4″ 175 lb and around 10% bf, and can bench 265 lb. I can probably run a mile in 6:30. I’ve only been working for a 3 months, but I hardly pay attention to cardio. I have a 42.5 inch chest, 13.5 biceps and I have a 30.5 inch waist. I can do 45 pushups in a minute and 50 situps. Oh, and I can do 8 pulls

  229. lol

    November 3, 2011
    3:50 PM

    The average 20-29 year old male can bench more than he weighs? LOL – ok, sure. Whatever you say.


  230. Jas

    November 3, 2011
    8:51 PM

    Im 47..been going off and on to the gym bout 3 yrs…bench full (all way down and up)225 for 10/12reps, more. I bench 315 3/4 reps..355 1 rep…thing is, im not big at all. im 210 lbs, 5’9″ have some definition, and im hard as a rock…SOLID…but no real size. do about 55-70 full pushups 1 minute…i feel our gym logo says “ITS NOT ABOUT ADDING YEARS TO YOUR LIFE, ITS ABOUT ADDING LIFE TO YOUR YEARS” Happy lifting everyone….

  231. SDR

    November 6, 2011
    1:11 PM

    There is no way the average guy can do that many push ups! My guess is half of that. And the average guy can even run .5 miles. Let alone have any kind of a good time. They might be able to run/walk. The average guy is so out of shape it should be a crime. It is all due to apathy. Whatch Idiocracy and that is where we are headed.

  232. true or false

    November 6, 2011
    2:06 PM

    32, 5’10″, 148 lbs, 20 pullups, max bench 255 lbs, 38″ chest, 14 1/2″ chest, just under 8 minute mile

  233. al

    November 10, 2011
    7:54 AM

    I can accept a mile in 5.10 when you weighed 167 in high school,you did not make that clear.Still sceptical about your 5.33 mile at 47 and 225 lb,that means for 30 years and 55 lb you have only slowed down 23 seconds ? but hey if you can do it good luck to you.

  234. superdave

    November 10, 2011
    4:28 PM

    unless your being drafted for a 7 figure income, your stats are meaningless. when age, stress, and natural causes diminish your potential. Money is the only remedy that affords you the ability to fix what naturally deteriorates. So if you make 3K a month and go to the gym your gonna die at 70 sumthin just like everybody else.

  235. al

    November 11, 2011
    10:01 PM

    That may be true in America where the healthcare system is a disgrace and an embarrassment, but in countries like England,Australia and many European countries they actually look after their poor in regards to health

  236. M.S.

    November 18, 2011
    1:24 PM

    Al, fair enough! It’s not that important in the whole scheme of things but I can do Stairmaster at level 12, the highest, for 1 hour if that helps as a comparison, sincerely Steve A

  237. Joe

    November 20, 2011
    12:50 AM

    I am 5 and my bench maxes out at 370 you guys are weak

  238. Vince

    November 22, 2011
    1:09 AM

    im 19 years old and i bench 270 lbs, I can do 50 pushups in a minute, I weigh 187 lbs, I have a 33 inch waist, and im 6 ft 1. I believe this is above average.

  239. john

    November 23, 2011
    7:13 PM

    most guys who read this are above average in strength because like myself i been working out hard and wanted to check with where i stand with the world strength wise

  240. Elvis

    November 23, 2011
    11:30 PM

    I’m 22 and I bench 380 and I’m barely 5:10 weighing 205 pounds jumped up 20 pounds on my max I’n the past month going for 400 Christmas day then shooting for more gains later of course I’m passed you average people that’s okay

  241. Donald

    November 28, 2011
    10:43 PM

    hey guys, the “average” guy is 34 and doesnt go to the gym so of course it is a pitiful number. i am sure if you forced these guys to work out it would be 230 ish. Plus reading this i know i should do legs more often!

  242. jeremy

    November 29, 2011
    1:01 PM

    I’d like to give all you young guys a bit of advice,if your lifting as much as ya’ll claim to be then good for ya’ll.I’ve won many weight lifting meets through my high school and college days but now i’m a husband and father of two and time spent in the weight room has become far less than i could have ever image.I’ve had both shoulders and one knee worked on,so take your time and don’t rush yourself because when you stop you’ll fall to peices.

  243. Anon

    December 2, 2011
    6:52 PM

    According to the life expectancy chart I have exactly three years to live. I guess I better stay off the bike and out of the gym because they have a casket waiting for me and I wouldn’t want to let anybody down.

  244. wtf

    December 4, 2011
    4:54 PM

    Reading this site is like watching a bunch of remedial cave men arguing over who can lift the biggest rock and beating they selves over the head..anybody got any brain power here or have all that toxic whey protein fried y’all brain cells

  245. Jordan

    December 5, 2011
    12:13 AM

    It’s embarrassing reading posts by these people. If the I.Q. of all these self statistic posters was over a collective 50 they would very obviously realize that the average man in this world doesn’t hit the gym even once a week, let alone on a regular routine. Of course you low self esteem bozos will do more than the average man if your training because 90% of men don’t train or hit the gym at all. Talk about ignorant losers.

  246. steve

    December 5, 2011
    9:22 PM

    To wtf: This is a workout thread . You need to chill out man. No one on this thread is up to your intellectual level. Peace out! Steve A.

  247. john

    December 6, 2011
    12:34 AM

    i used to be in good shape. now i work 14-16 a day 7 a week. no time for this. livin on copenhagen and beer for the last 2 years. could i bench 180. who knows, can i do my job f yeah.

  248. Andy Harglesis

    December 6, 2011
    5:37 AM

    I’m not going to debunk anyone here, but for the minote, I’m 13, NO DRUGS, and a seasoned power lifting professional. I started off as a gymnast at level 10 gymnastics since I was 3, body building and power sports all my life.
    At 13 my max bench 1RPM with full range and perfect form, with pause, is 435lbs.
    My squat and deads are about the same, being at 720lbs.
    I know this may sound pretty WHOA-ISH, but it’s true.

    I can also military press 390lbs for reps with full range and strict form, no bounce, at 13 NATURALLY, NOT EVEN PROTEIN SHAKES!

    I also can wrist curl 240lbs and do 78 pull ups in a row from dead hang, STRICT FORM, no momentum and full ROM.

  249. Edgar Maldonado

    December 12, 2011
    4:57 PM

    I’m 40 years old 5′ 6″ 190lbs. I can do 115 push ups in a minute. My best bench was 405 at 170lbs. I use to incline 315. Military press 300. Squat over 600 :)

  250. Otown Oz

    December 14, 2011
    6:14 AM

    Who in the F measures their arms. Oh, I know guys who lack in the region that reallu counts.

  251. Otown Oz

    December 14, 2011
    6:44 AM

    Andy, you neglected to state your height. Is there a reason for this missing entry?

  252. x

    December 15, 2011
    8:37 AM

    If you’re above average, that’s great. If you’re not, don’t let that discourage you from continuing your exercise. If you feel better than when you’re out of shape, that’s reason enough to continue.

    @Oz, I measured my arms, and that’s actually what led me here. Wanted to see the progress I was making.

  253. Darrel

    December 16, 2011
    1:27 AM

    Andy, you must be a MONSTER. I was also a power lifter, and a legal lift is all about form. I could bounce 420 at 18years old in High School … but my legal lift ( metered at a lift meet) was 365 … and I was a MONSTER, I’m sorry, I have a hard time believing your stats. You are 13 years old, you have a few years before you see your body really build and come into form (mature)so if you are pulling those kind of numbers … STOP … you will mess you future up, your heart just won’t be able to keep up, take my word on this, the more Muscle or Fat you have the more blood your system has to work through your body … YOU WILL DIE WAY SOONER THAN YOU WOULD OTHER WISE…

  254. N8 K.

    December 16, 2011
    6:50 PM

    Andy, you are completely full of it. I am 13 as well, yes, i am the strongest on my undefeated football team of about 40 people. (It was so big we had to split it into two teams) At bench I max 205 and I rep 175 8-12 times in a row. I can do 60 cruches, and 3 pull ups. I ran the mile in 7:45, also I weigh 206 lbs. I would say that it’s pretty good, I know theres gotta be stronger 13 year olds than me, but come on, you would have already gotten NFL scholarships if that were true and you would be flipping famous. Maybe you dropped that 435 pound bar on your head and became stupid enough to think we’d believe you.

  255. jc

    December 22, 2011
    9:47 AM

    I’m 12 and I bench 515 lbs and can do 372 pushups at one time

  256. poobear

    December 23, 2011
    1:47 AM

    “I’m 6’3 and weigh 178 lbs. My waist measures 32.5″ and my chest 46″. My bicep measures 16″ flexed.”

    Right… those numbers make no sense at all. A dude that is 6’3″ tall with a 46″ chest DOES NOT WEIGH ANYTHING CLOSE TO 178 POUNDS. Someone this height with a true 46″ chest would have to be like 220+ pounds for sure. My BMI is 25, and this guy is claiming a BMI of 22.

    Here are my stats, they actually make sense.

    I’m 5’10″ and weigh 175 pounds. My waist measures 32″ and my chest measures 41″. My biceps measures 14″ flexed.

    I don’t focus on bench press as much as most of these people. I squat at 225 right now for the 5×5 program I am doing, but would like to get up closer to 315 eventually. I can dead 315 pounds for a few reps, but rarely go heavier because I like getting out of bed in the morning.

    I don’t run, but I do ride my bike to stay in cardio shape. I don’t time myself or wear spandex riding gear.

    I’m 26 years old, college degree, and make about $40k per year. In my industry I should be able to make $80-$120k, depending on where in the country I live within the next 10 years. If the right stuff happened maybe $140-$170k range.

    Don’t care that much about the money though since my old man makes $220k with a substantial pension (aka loaded), and I lead a simple lifestyle anyway. I maximize an IRA fund annually which is worth roughly $20k. $13k in stocks. $4k in savings. $1-2k in checking to pay bills. I own a 10 year old car outright. No student loans. Rent an apartment, so no mortgage yet. Currently saving $10-12k per year, and on track to retire I hope.

  257. Skyler

    December 28, 2011
    4:25 PM

    You guys are full of it. Here is some numbers for you.

    Ronnie Coleman, 8 times Mr. Olympia 300 pounds of muscle could bench 495 5 times.

    The unofficial record bench press for a teen is 505 pounds by a 305lb 16year old, HE knows hell of a lot about lifting. Has ran most ever power lifting routine made.

    World record is 715. Set by a guy who has been training probably 20 years, around 300lbs. Probably on every steroid known to man.

    Worlds heaviest pullup is 200bw+200lbs for a total of around 400. Guy can do 34 pullups last he tested, been lifting for many years.

    A few of those guys were drug free, but lets look at some other drug free guys. Layne Norton, pro bodybuilder 18 inch arms, 225 keeping a 6 pack. He bench presses 380, squat 650, 715 deadlift.

    A lot of other pros may bench 410-420, and usually squat and pull a bit less.

    I know a friend, who falls into the “freak” genetics category, he works out with dumbbells religiously for 2 years now, His arms measure about 16 inch cut. The only thing he doesn’t do is bench press, After doing it a couple times he did 170lbs for a few reps at 175 body weight.

    Are you telling me a guy who doesn’t workout like he does is gonna bench that much his first time?

    See what I’m trying to say here? Nobody is gonna bench 400 and say wow I’m not average? He knows the blood and tears it takes to get there. A 300 bench press is not something that is gotten by benching once or twice a month for a couple years. It takes dedication, and or many years. 400 takes both. Especially at sub 250 body weight if you don’t take drugs.

    Am I saying you can’t bench 300 or 400 as a teen? No, Ive seen it, I know its possible. But hell, you’ll know youre not average. And unless you take drugs, You’ll not gonna have a 8 pack doing it either.

  258. Skyler

    December 28, 2011
    4:47 PM

    N8 K. and Darrel are most likely telling the truth, and the bench mark of the most you can reasonably expect. As Darrel said, if you’re a monster like that, you’re gonna know. Both because of how dedicated you would have been, and the fact you would out lift most everyone.

    The biggest telltale that people are lying is the weight. Do you know how much harder it is to lift heavy skinny, then with a bit of fat? There is a reason record setting power lifters are fat. I only guy at my school can bench 2 plates with abs, the rest of the guys who can are all well over 200lbs.

    N8 K says he bench presses 200, Look at his weight, 205. and assuming he is telling the truth, is the strongest of his team, ( I am assuming middleschool)

    I highly doubt he could bench 200 at 140 like a lot of guys are saying that can bench 300 at.

    So, those starting lifters who are feeling discouraged after reading the comments. A lot of guys are full of crap. Or else they are all pro powerlifters and NFL prospects.

  259. Jerry

    January 2, 2012
    6:52 PM

    Let’s face it the “average” 60-69 cannot run a mile and a half at all. The average 60 year old could run about twenty feet and that’s about it.

  260. Maglashan

    January 3, 2012
    6:04 AM

    Navy Seal David Goggins should be the measuring stick for you braggers. Read carefully.

    * The average adult male can do 27 pushups…Goggins can do 243.
    * The average resting pulse of a healthy adult male is 75 beats per minute…Goggins’ is 32.
    * The US Department of Health suggests that the average male does 90 minutes of aerobic exercise per week…Goggins does 42 HOURS or 2520 minutes.
    * The average 30-year-old male can run 1.5 miles in 12.5 minutes…Goggins ran 20 miles before you got out of bed this morning. Guaranteed.
    * The average male can do 36 crunches in one minute…Goggins can do 106.
    * The average man has a body fat percentage of 19%…Goggins is 4%.
    * The average SUV can travel 200 miles before it runs out of gas…Goggins has run 203.5 non-stop.

    If there’s any sensationalist that wants to put their marker in the sand prove that they are tougher than this guy, send us all the link. Until think, take it with a pinch of salt that you’re nowhere near the caliber of David Goggins.

  261. al

    January 6, 2012
    7:53 AM

    I am 60 and run a mile and a half on the treadmill,which is easier than outside running,in 10 minutes,but I know I am not average

  262. al

    January 6, 2012
    8:00 AM

    Also can do the pyramid of pushups on a good day,look it up on You Tube.My resting pulse is 40,sometimes as low as 34,I can do 20 chin ups,18 dips.Not as good as Goggins but I would have pushed him in my day.

  263. Luke

    January 10, 2012
    7:04 PM

    The very interesting thing in this thread, is the poor grammar and spelling. Very few have commented on the average income. Its great to see so many guys at the gym, working out so that they look good! Physique is really important when you need to find a wealthy, smart girl, so your two kids can attend college. This is a great example of why our country is a mess. I make six plus figures at my own business that employs a bunch of guys who earn better than average incomes. I cut about two cords of wood last night after work. How fast can I run a mile? What am I chasing? Get to work American men, or we are all screwed!

  264. LEE

    January 12, 2012
    2:21 PM


  265. Gerry

    January 13, 2012
    9:20 AM

    I am a PTI, physical fitness is not the more you can lift (or faster you can run) the better but the balance betweeen a health weight, cardio-vascular training, weight training, healthy foods and a a work life balance. Work to live but don’t live to work.

  266. Hercules

    January 15, 2012
    5:04 AM

    You are all liars! I can poop 50lb logs, down a 6 pack of Schlitz in 1 minute, drive to drive thru at 90mph, run to bathroom during commercial breaks in 10 seconds, lift remote with 2 AA batteries at least 100 times an hour, type 50 text messages in 2 minutes, and eat a 6 ft hoagie in under 2 minutes. You can now bow to your Greek god.

  267. von Weydehart-Kinklebach

    January 16, 2012
    11:50 PM

    Average man’s command of basic grammar and rhetoric, if the comments section serves as any guide: abysmal.
    Hey, but at least you can bench 250.

  268. Vance

    January 17, 2012
    1:27 AM

    The average man at 5’9″ and weighing in at 175lbs?? and can only bench 160 for a one rep max?? On average we’re 11.4 years PAST the best shape we’ll be in our lives? Oh, and yes, I agree, the grammar and spelling in most of these comments is atrocious. On average, we’re fat and lazy, and lying to ourselves about it.

  269. David

    January 17, 2012
    3:34 AM

    I would have thought average man height was 5’10″… Too bad that I’m 20 years old and only 5’6(1/4)” and weights 165 lbs but I can max bench press 295 lbs. Seriously I feel like I’m the only korean guy that had hard time getting taller. I hate to admit it I was the shortest kid in class until when I went into 6th grade. Yeah the bench stat seems bit off. I would have guessed that average man could bench about 50-60% of their bodyweight assuming if we are mentioning that average man is someone who have never lifted weight before. I have a 30 year old friend who’s 5’10″ 175 lbs and when he first benched he could only bench 85 lbs for one rep.

  270. Wade

    January 18, 2012
    3:20 PM

    What’s funny to me in these comments is both the guys who act like these averages are off because they are personally in better shape and also the posters who completely miss the facetious nature of some of these comments. You high school football players and such don’t take into account the non-athletic type. Have you ever been to engineering school? I used to walk into my engineering classes with a protein shake and every one of those kids would act like they’d never met anyone who did anything but study. Truth is, there are a lot of men out there who don’t pay mind to fitness for one reason or another and have 13″ biceps. These numbers don’t surprise me at all. Also keep in mind that 30% of Americans are obese. Personally I am 22 and have been lifting and exercising at least 3x a week since I was 13. I would hope my stats are above average. To buck the trend of arrogant bragging I won’t post my numbers. Just be active and proud of your health while you have it. I hope when I finish medical school in 8 years I will still have the time and dedication to exceed the averages

  271. KYZ

    January 18, 2012
    6:52 PM

    I’m 5’9″ 145 lbs and I am a good person. Should that count the most?

  272. Bazvaldo

    January 20, 2012
    11:40 AM

    What the heck are all these children doing commenting on this page. Um…if you’re sixteen years old, you are half the age of the average man. At sixteen we (44yo’s) could all run six minute miles, while doing bicep curls, on the way up to Mt. Everest. While your still counting the amount of times you’ve had sex (on one hand) we gave up counting 22 years ago. Kids…please go compare yourselves on some other kiddie site.
    Interesting reading, except for the comments from the children.

  273. BRIT100

    January 20, 2012
    7:22 PM

    @Joseph. You are 16 and you claim you can bench 230lbs. That’s almost 115kg and I Promise you that you are wrong. You are saying you can bench more than your own bodyweight which some elite weightlifters cannot do. If you really can post a video on YouTube and amaze us all

  274. Mr Awesome

    January 23, 2012
    8:29 AM

    I can bench 1000 pounds, seriously…it’s all about wanting to succeed man…I can also bake, and when I was in third grade, I was elected governor of California, I didn’t accept due to the fact I was focussing on my bench, which was so worth it as I can bench 1000 pounds, did I mention that? Umm, what else, I earn like $180k a year…yeah man, like those fat cats on wall street have nothing on me. I only have one ball, but it’s twice the size of the average guy. And I can jump puddles…yeah!!!

  275. Davis

    January 23, 2012
    12:05 PM

    I love all these men saying entirely unverifiable things like “I think these stats are wrong. I’m 15 or 55 and I can bench press a small airplane.” Sure you can chief.

  276. Jerad

    January 24, 2012
    2:02 PM

    According to this artical, they should change the word average to my name.

  277. Superdave

    January 29, 2012
    11:16 PM

    I’m 57 and have lifted weights for 40 years. I had open heart surgery due to e bicuspid valve in 2008. I weigh 185lbs, body fat 12% and bench press 300(down from 405 at 23 you). I run 8 min miles(down from 6.5, before heart valve surgery). I beat all these charts. 90 % of the college aged men at my gym can’t achieve strength or muscle mass because they: Eat poorly; Don’t sleep enough; aren’t consistent with their training; don’t train intensely enough. Old school works and if you doubt, look at the icons of bodybuilding: Arnold and Lou Ferrigno. These stats may be close to accurate for the average man, but for the average athlete?

  278. MJW

    January 30, 2012
    5:47 PM

    What I cannot believe, is that 99% of the people on here are of blatent low intelligence and thier writings, thoughts, expressions, and overall perception of the themselves and the world around them, seem sadly uneducated and simply put: simple. My apologies to those posters who are not consumed with an unhealthy sense of self importance and void of any humility, self awareness, or respect. And for those wondering if I’m a skinny, nonvoilent, veagan hippie. Nope –6’0ft, 200lbs in good shape, strong enough to hold my own most places, but I’m not overly-consumed with that part of life. A little more emphasis on education and experiecing things outside your “bubble” and less on moving steel weights a few inches in one direction, may open up some doors to a better life with more meaning and purpose.

  279. Al

    January 30, 2012
    9:22 PM

    If you are going to denigrate people for being uneducated,although what that has to do with the topic I don’t know,you had better be sure that your post is immaculate as far as spelling and grammar.

    their NOT thier
    non violent NOT nonvoilent
    overly consumed NOT overly-consumed
    experiencing NOT experiecing
    blatant NOT blatent
    vegan NOT veagan
    simply put:simple – very ugly phrasing

    I think you should take your own advice and put more emphasis on your OWN education

  280. Nick

    February 4, 2012
    11:51 PM

    Let’s not get our undies in a bunch. Some people are better at physical activities and some are better at academic activities. I’m 35, 5’6″, and am 150 LBS. I can run a mile in under 6 minutes, press more than 200LBS once, do 100 push-ups in a minute without stopping, 100 sit-ups in a minute without stopping, 25 pull-ups, and swim about 2 miles. Having said that, I bet someone could find about twenty-five mistakes in my comment. Life is short. Respect others and live your life the best way you know how!

  281. Bryan jeffrey

    February 7, 2012
    8:34 PM

    to the guy under me…. im not a pro athlete. i just try to stay active and hit the gym 4 times a week. and im far above these stats…. i think the 2,000,000 people that do nothing but sit on there butts all day throw it out of wack. but I am going to be doing a strongman comp this year.. hahaha

  282. Reed

    February 8, 2012
    3:21 PM

    All right, I guess that I’m definitely not average. I’m six feet tall, I weigh 185 pounds, and I can bench 200. I don’t feel three inches taller than the average man, or that much stronger than the average man. I’m looking at life in a new way.

  283. Josh

    February 12, 2012
    2:56 PM

    I’m 15 years old. I tore my ac ligament in football. I had to let it heal for about 4 months. I just got back into working out about two months ago. I’m not sure how good this is, I’m 160 lbs, I’m 5’10″; I bench press one rep max 220 lbs. I can squat 265 for 6 reps. I can hang clean 205 kind of easy, I haven’t tried my max yet. My max clean and jerk is 205 lbs. I just started trying the clean and jerk, it isn’t great, because I don’t have the proper form haha My arms are about 16″ I’ve always had a problem with a personal image, so I can never tell if people are complimenting me or making fun of me. Am I doing well?

  284. Josh

    February 12, 2012
    3:04 PM

    Oh and in case you guys don’t know the ac ligament connect the collar bone with the shoulder. I also sprainded my shoulder capsule, and strained the tendons and muscles.

  285. Derek

    February 17, 2012
    9:43 PM

    Im 15 and I can only bench 160. But despite not being able to bench that much I can lift and throw about a 230 lb guy in a wrestling match. And I can do about 55 pushups in one minute and 30 pull ups.

  286. bob

    February 19, 2012
    1:10 AM

    When i was 4 I could bench 945 pounds and do 500 situps in under a minute.
    no biggie and I’m not exaggerating one bit.
    weak peoples these days…

  287. jordan

    February 21, 2012
    6:10 PM

    Im not much of a weight lifter but i am a runner. my mile is 5:26 hoping for a 5:20 to make state. Im 13 and not lying

  288. Zoom

    February 22, 2012
    6:44 PM

    Money isn’t everything but neither is your bench press. Strive for balance and success in every aspect of your life and, in attempting to do so, you’ll come out way ahead of the “average” man. Note to the younger guys: when you pass the age when girls just like the cool guys, you’ll find that they love the Renaissance man. Invest your time now so you can be that man later.

  289. Marq

    February 23, 2012
    1:47 AM

    Yall boring, but I guess I can add to the stat collection we’ve gathered…
    6’3 205, bench roughly 235 once, about 12 pull ups max, 63 pushups in a min, prolly a 8:30 min mile, 16″ arms.. Blah blah..

    All I know is I wanna improve all them stats and get my body fat percentage down a bit, and hopefully look better each summer :)

    Don’t compete against other peoples stats, esp this avg man..
    Just improve urself and let’s quit being obese americans.

  290. Chuck

    February 25, 2012
    11:16 PM

    In 14 and have a 13.5 inch bicep and can do 15 wide grip pull ips

  291. Jessica

    February 27, 2012
    12:56 AM

    I’m a girl, not too muscly like you’d think, 145lbs at 5’8″ ish and I can curl 75lbs for reps, bench 140lbs and squat 230lbs.

    No dope, nada! Pure natural, and only 12 inch biceps flexed and 24 inch legs.

  292. Mental Cape Mesque

    February 27, 2012
    12:58 AM

    No average sedentary male can push 160lbs strict.

    The men who can accomplish this are obviously doing SOME exercise or muscle work above your typical McDonald’s every day kind of guy who mainly eats and sits.

  293. tyler

    February 29, 2012
    5:16 AM

    im 25. 5’11″ and 240 pounds currently. I bench press 315×10. squat 550. deadlift 585. and clean-n-jerk 315. I can do 17 consec chins. I run a sub 5 sec.40 and a 645 mile. I can bench 225 for 32 reps. my biceps measure 19 inches cold.

  294. Dan

    March 4, 2012
    11:33 PM

    When i was 14 in highschool i benched 225 lbs when i weighed 135-140. There is no way the average man is as weak as you say. This needs to broken down further into ethnic groups.

  295. Richard

    March 7, 2012
    6:27 PM

    I’m 18,5 foot 9,170 lbs,can do 50 chin ups then 50 pull ups consecutively. 35 diamond pushups in a minute 58 regular pushups,20 one armed pushups in a minute. 78 situps per minute, mile in 6:30. all the show boats can keep their weight sets. i’ll stick to calisthenics, aerobics and getting ripped opposed to getting bulky and slow

  296. Memento Mori

    March 8, 2012
    9:14 AM

    I Have to say. I’ve Read the Fitness Statistics and I Think We as Race of beings have drastically declined. I’m 19 155 Lbs. and 5’6″ I Innately know I Should be stronger(I’m not bad but when you just know you just know.) as well as many others. It’s all the things that are put In our food, air, and drink that make It hard to to better. our ancestors would whoop our sorry Behinds due to the fact we have become like “Domesticated Pets”

  297. Johnny Boy

    March 9, 2012
    1:22 AM

    5’9″, 165lbs, and I work out about twice a week and do cardio about 3 times a week. I’m not really concerned with the physical aspects of this article though… I’m 29 years old and thinking to myself how broke most guys are if average income is really 36K. I had no money in college and now I have over 100K in the bank and just over 100K salary. Stay in school kids. Anyone can do it if you want it bad enough. Take out loans if you need the money and make sure you pick a degree where you can actually land a decent job out of college. The IT industry is hurting for good workers right now and are paying top dollar to guys with the know-how.

  298. Ironman

    March 12, 2012
    4:44 PM

    I am thinking the average running times for 1.5 miles are a bit optimistic, or I am a big wimp when it comes to running which I hate with all my heart, but have to so I can pass my PT test. I am 46 and I have a resting pulse in the 50s and running a 1.5 any less than 14 minutes is really uncomfortable. I have powerlifting since my teens so squatting or bench pressing double my over 200 pound body weight is “doable”. I can believe the other stats (other than the low average income)as people are generally weak if they don’t strength train.

  299. Whodis

    March 19, 2012
    7:27 PM

    Those bench press numbers seem a bit on the high side. People who never train(the majority of people) usually can’t press 180 even if they weigh more than 180.

  300. Fitnomenal

    March 22, 2012
    7:05 PM

    I would like to know the source of these averages. Some seem VERY OFF! Its a well known fact that men’s strength from late 20′s to early 30′s actually increases due to the natural density of muscle mass and bone density (which is also why around that age men can’t run as fast, they become heavier). Also this is telling me on average 88% of men don’t belong to a gym, 69% are NOT athletic and 45% use their gym equipment as clothing hangers yet these same “average” men can run approximately 9 minute miles?! LMAO!!

  301. truthful Lou

    March 24, 2012
    2:46 PM

    I’ll add to the stats , 48 yrs, 6′ tall ,190 lbs .I’ve never trained ,never played any sports , never set foot in a gym but have always had a reasonably active job (millwright)and am fairly active about the home . waist 34″ ,Chest 41″ ,belly 40″ (relaxed),Bicep 13 1/2″ ,I struggle to Bench 120lbs but can manage 5 pull ups , I’m unable to run more than a few hundred yards and suffer from painful joints.Yes I’m sure I could improve if I put the effort in, but I wont because I’m happy enough with who I am. Last time I did an online IQ test it came out at 132 .I earn about $46k/yr . I feel pretty average

  302. biggon

    March 26, 2012
    1:00 AM

    24 bench 300 been in the gym about 9 months out of my whole life weigh 215 run 2 mile in 14 minutes 15pull UPS very physically fit, very got genetics large builds 2 feet wide 47 inch chest 32 inch waist 78 inch fighters reach. 34 inseam. 19 inch neck. I’m very disproportionate. But fit.

  303. sambo bert

    March 26, 2012
    4:45 PM

    im 35yr’s 5’10″ and weigh 190.4lbs(13stone 6)i bench 286.6lbs(130kg)46″ chest.34″ waist.and 18″biceps.people look at me and ask how heavy i am & the dont believe me when i say 13 stone 6,they think im about 15ish.glad im not Mr Average.

  304. JustAGuy

    March 27, 2012
    6:28 PM

    For everyone bragging on ur stats congrats! Not being sarcastic im really happy about that i love seeing people go for the gold so to speak and better themselves. And please everyone else dont get mad because people wanna gloat on their stats.. its not a big deal.. its in human nature to want to be noticed for your achievments. people are different and enjoy different thing.. i love lifting and fitness amd some dont.. Stop the hate just keep posting stats and encourage ur fellow MAN on to a better him :) with that being said im gonna remain neutral and not pot my own stats since people like to be jerks and call others liars lol..

  305. LarryWilson

    March 28, 2012
    9:24 PM

    I’m 25 and 400lbs of fat, can’t bench but I drank 11 mt dews every day before noon! Also I can walk into KFC and out with a meal ate in only 4 mins! BTW, I don’t have a job and I live in my parents shed! Not as tough as all of you but someday I will be, cant merasure my arms because I’m so fat I cant reach my other arm! So I’m awesome like all of you! BTW try KFC’s new pot pie!

  306. Keith

    April 7, 2012
    10:23 PM

    I hope these stats aren’t true, but if they are, shame on you America. I find some of these true and others outrageous. The average man should be able to bench their body weight ( emphasis on should) but in a world of advancing technology we rely on it to do all our work. I agree that the conclusions should come from mode or median, it’s just more accurate than average. Great post though

  307. Andy Harglesis

    April 10, 2012
    6:45 AM

    Nope. The average man in 99% of forms can not legitimately bench their own weight.

    It’s not possible.

    Maybe with roids … natural, hell no.

    But I know a 14 year old skinny girl with 11 inch biceps who can curl 75lbs. True story.

  308. Andy Harglesis

    April 10, 2012
    6:46 AM

    Also, I’m 13, no dope myself, and push 440lbs for 1 RPM full range, with pause.

  309. Sally Sheep

    April 10, 2012
    6:58 AM

    I’m 17, a senior at B.S. Anthony Tilde’s High, and I’ve done 930 lb bench press and I’m female to add, 5’6″ and 125lbs.

    I also do the reverse curls of 100

  310. I am a girl

    April 10, 2012
    7:01 AM

    I’m a little girl only and you “men” are all WEAK!

    I pushed the 40s overhead EACH ARM at 11 and 135lbs only!

    and i could machine press bowflex of over 300!!!


  311. Deez nutz

    April 10, 2012
    8:04 PM

    None of you people on here can bench over 200lbs

  312. Angelo

    April 11, 2012
    10:31 PM

    Ok, first off, I don’t see what the huge deal is about all this weight lifting stuff, it’s not that big of a deal. And no I’m not unathletic or anything, because I’m 16 5’10 and weigh 145, and I can put up 190 on bench and I don’t train. nbd. But honestly who cares it’s just some charts. ha.

  313. Shane

    April 15, 2012
    3:41 PM

    ok, angelo i have to call bs, you can put up 195 on the bench and you DONT work out?!?! and you only weigh 145? its possible but not likely. i agree with you tho, how much you bench isnt a big deal, i know people at my school who cant lift the bar (45 lbs)
    im 16 and i ran track this year and doing shot put was a great way for me to put on some muscle, i also ran the 800 and 400(ran a 2:05 in the 800 and a 51 in the 400)
    i bench 185, weigh 170, and run a mile in 5:32(my friend runs it in 4:35). I can do around 15 pullups. and if women wore see-through spandex i would never leave the gym

  314. Synon

    April 19, 2012
    11:47 PM

    I’m a level 29 orc warlock, wear Corruptor Raiment armor, and I can bench your mother 50 times non-stop. I have 45″ biceps, 3 teeth, and I can’t run a mile without throwing up. Please add me to the stats, thanks!

  315. Alan

    April 20, 2012
    8:07 PM

    I find these averages to be very low or at least very discouraging. I am 52, weigh 169lbs, can run a sub 6:00 minute mile, can do 160 push-ups in a row and can Bench Press 280lbs…I would think a 20 year old (on average) should be able to do more than me….apparently not….???

    PS: Sally Sheep……..930lb bench press?…yeah sure you did…lol….do you part time as a Super Hero….

  316. Adam

    April 21, 2012
    1:35 AM

    I am 27 – didn’t work out since high school. Here is some honesty and heart to say it. I can do 4 pull-ups, 15 push-ups, and 25 sit-ups. I have around 30% body fat at 180lbs, 5’6″. Not sure about running, at the moment my cardio is only walking. Hell yes I’m out of shape, and a below average man, but probably the only one with the balls to come on here and say it.

  317. Krusatyr

    April 21, 2012
    7:00 PM

    BMI of average man per above, at 5-9 and 175 is a 26. I’m 61 years old, with a daily moderate workout and my BMI varies 24-25.

    The reason I work out is for pride, to be in shape for sports and to avoid getting jumped by democrats. It works. So far only one has tried and he bounced off.

  318. noah

    April 24, 2012
    8:51 AM

    lol what was the mile time 8:32? i could beat that since i was 9

  319. Joe

    May 2, 2012
    9:08 PM

    I am 35 and not in the greatest of shape. I use to weightlift a lot but have two children that I try to spend time with. About 6 months ago when I quit lifting regularly, I could bench 280lbs 7 times and could probably bench 330 to 345 one time. I had 18 inch biceps. I know I have dropped some since then but I think I could still do 250 a couple times.

    I’m really wanting to work on cardio more now though because I realize that it is more important for your health than being physically strong. I also can run a at a track close to home while my kids play at the playground beside of it. Im going to try to do it regularly. Today I ran 1.5 miles. After a mile, my time was 9:22. I know that is slow but im just getting started. Im 5’11 and weigh 212lbs. I got to lose quite a bit of weight to get down to the average man but im just glad I did 1.5 miles without walking. My 1.5 mile time was 14:55.

    Now with the stats above, I got one major question about the average 1 mile time and 1.5 mile time. If the average male runs 1 mile in 8:34 and the 1.5 mile in 12:45. He runs the last half mile at a faster pace than the first two halves which wouldn’t make sense because you get tired and would run the last half at a slower pace than the first two halves. For example he ran the mile in 8:34 which is an average of 4:17 per half of a mile but he runs the last half in 4:11. Its not much difference but like I said I think the average male would slow down. In fact, I doubt the average male runs a mile and a half.

    I know there are freaks that are very strong and can run fast too but I found that being too strong slows you down. I watch MMA alot and I know Joe Rogan often says that some UFC fighters have too much muscle and they wear out quick because their bodies have to try to supply those muscles with oxygen and it cant.

    I think those averages are for the 1 mile and 1.5 mile are just for guys that actually can run them. I mean , I know there are plenty of men that cant run 1.5 miles so how would there figures get in the average if they have never run 1.5 miles. Obviously the averages have to be based on guys actually running the 1.5 miles and many men don’t.

    Oh and my benchpress was round free weights not some machine that uses pullies or a bowflex like I read some girl could do 300 on because those are much easier than free weights.

  320. Kyle

    May 8, 2012
    2:11 AM

    I was a little surprised by these statistics. I am 22 years old 5’10″ and 150lbs. I went to the gym and did some traditional exercising for the first time in a few years yesterday. Not surprisingly I am below the average in most area’s such as the bench press where I maxed out at 110 lbs. The numbers all seemed pretty much as I expected until I came to the average number of pull ups and did a double take. ONE?! That can’t be right I did 23 and you know what I’ll admit it, I’m a skinny nerd. How can the average be ONE!? Yes I looked up what a pullup is and yes I was doing it correctly. That has to mean that the vast majority of men can’t do a single one, how is this possible?

  321. Tnguyen

    May 9, 2012
    12:51 AM

    American men weak. I 6 year old boy, weight 50 pound. I bench 400 pound. I kill and eat many big snake.

  322. Jay

    May 15, 2012
    4:09 AM

    These sound about right. I’m 30 and my max bench is 255 lbs (on cycle). Before my cycle my max was 220 with a stellar diet. For the longest time I had trouble doing 175. I would even go as far as to say if an AVERAGE man doesn’t even lift odds are he CAN’T bench his weight.

  323. Ylee

    May 16, 2012
    12:46 AM

    I figured most people could bench there own weight but guess not. I mean it’s all about genetics really and of course weight training helps! Wen I started workin out I could bench 20 lbs over my weight. Now Ive been workin out for 8 months on an off an can bench 265 at a weight of 155 and height of 5’9. But I mean my family has good strength for size genetics so ther u go..

  324. Eboys

    May 16, 2012
    8:29 PM

    It’s funny how nearly all the comments are nothing but people bragging about their abilities and feigning surprise that they aren’t considered average. No one knows who you are, no one cares how much you can bench press. Is it possible to comment on the article without talking about yourself. Maybe men actually are more vain than women.

  325. al

    May 18, 2012
    7:19 AM

    I am 60 and run 2.8 km in 12 minutes on the treadmill,burn between 600 -630 calories on the cross trainer and 550 – 590 calories on the exercise bike in 3o minutes.
    I weigh 164 lb and have always been weak and can only bench 140 lb although I am better at other exercises like the seated row which rely on pulling rather than pushing motion.I think this is because I have developed a strong back from doing a 1000 pushups a day for 30 years.
    Whatever i think i am in the top 5% fitness for my age and fitter than most people of any age

  326. Danny

    May 20, 2012
    10:48 AM

    LOL, The average guy can’t help but exaggerate everyday statiestics like height, weight, extremity size or workouts. Given by the amount of guys who’s curiousity and insecurity led them to compare themselves to te “average guy” and then comment…I now know why good women are 30 and still single, because they are looking for a man in a pile of sissies.

  327. BEER

    May 24, 2012
    11:02 AM

    I see so many teens saying they can bench 250+ blah blah, and the fact of the matter is most of you can’t (there are a few exceptions), so don’t BS about it. I see kids like you getting pinned under 180 on a regular basis. There are getting to be fewer and fewer legit 300 pound benchers in commercial gyms these days.

  328. Lies

    May 27, 2012
    7:55 PM

    WTF.. out of all the people I know(ages 13-19) None of them can do above 210. Either the teens posting those comments are “Beast” and were born with very good genes or they bs too much.

  329. zain

    May 31, 2012
    12:43 AM

    im 16 im 170 pounds and i can bench press 205…. its called napa high football

    i hang clean 205 three times and i can squat 315 once

  330. J

    June 1, 2012
    8:41 AM

    nice, is 171 lb bench press any good for a 131 pound 16 year old?

  331. Daniel Wills

    June 1, 2012
    10:54 PM

    The average man is 5’9″ at 175lb? I’m only 5’7″ and 140lb. Does anyone think I’m small?

  332. Healeybug

    June 3, 2012
    7:38 AM

    I’d like to see ANYONE do 700 pushups.
    I’m 75, 5’11″ and weigh 175. I can do 25 pushups, 20 pull ups and 20 to 30 sit ups. I’m in good shape for the shape I’m in. But 700 pushups? Gimme a break!!!!

  333. Al

    June 3, 2012
    10:34 PM

    700 pushups is no big deal.It doesn’t mean you are super strong or fit just that if you practise something for years your body becomes very adept at that particular activity.I did at least 1000 pushups a day for 30 years and could do 700 pushups comfortably.I am 60 now but can still do 150 continuously

  334. Eric

    June 6, 2012
    12:28 PM

    I doubt these numbers. Other sources show the averge weight of males at 191 pounds which is far above any of the numbers shown in this chart.

  335. Jeff

    June 6, 2012
    8:30 PM

    I assume everyone is using free weights when they lift. If not then the numbers could be off by 20%. If it isn’t a standard or olympic bar then what you post doesn’t matter. As for me? Who knows, trying to max-out is hard on the joints. I gave that up. I do sets of 5-8 rep maxes, it is better for you.

  336. DTS

    June 7, 2012
    10:23 AM

    Im 32yr old weigh 155, bench 230, run mile 5:50, do 40push ups in a min, waist 31in. people have not made many comments about resting heart rate probably most important of all mine being 48bpm. and all these kids saying you bench 250 u r fat, not doing it right or just lying. I coached high school kids and know there are a few in this range but not many. And Al you cant have your hands even with your shoulders and touch your chest to the floor and do 700 push ups if so put it on you tube! You probably look like the exercise freak at the top of the page lmao.

  337. al

    June 10, 2012
    5:45 AM

    DTS no need for personal insults.The resting heart rate is not the most important thing even though mine is very low varying between 34 -42 per minute.The most important thing is recovering heart rate,take your heartrate directly after vigorous exercise,15 seconds times 4.Wait 2 minutes then take your heartbeat again.The second time should be at least 28 beats per minute less or your recovery isn’t good enough and you are not really fit.

  338. Most Of Them Are On Roids

    June 10, 2012
    6:03 AM

    It’s a fact that in today’s society most youngsters are packing on the roids.

    Why do you think you see these freak 13-14 year old kids benching 300+lbs when power lifting men can’t even do that in junior/seasonal competitions?

    The roids are being used so much that they account for more than 50% of all strength documented accomplishments everywhere in the world.

    It’s a sad fact, and yes, even girls in schools are taking them to flourish the compatatetion as well.

  339. Most Of Them Are On Roids

    June 10, 2012
    6:04 AM

    In fact most average Joe Blows could certainly NOT BENCH press their weight legitimately without at least a few months of dedicated training and nourisihing diat.

    Average lethargic girls can bench 45lbs in high school and boys only do about 80-100lbs, usually less.

  340. Military

    June 12, 2012
    5:52 PM

    What about military? most of them would blow those numbers out of the water.

  341. Bourne

    June 17, 2012
    11:21 PM

    I just turned 7 years old and I play varsity tennis at my high school. Coach makes me bench press a bar with buckets of gold attached to it. My dad is Ethan hawke and my mom is Uma Thurman. I want to be an astranout when I grow up

  342. Bruce

    June 19, 2012
    10:08 AM

    I am 35, 5’10” my heart rate is 61 bpm resting, I wiegh 230, my biceps are 17”, I workout with 150#’s 3-sets of 10 (benchpress), the most I have ever benched was 320 when I was 21, I always wondered where my muscle went and how the fat got there, when I was younger I worked out to build muscle now I have to workout just to keep what I have, and I’m still losing it slowly, I am one of the 16% who would never skip another workout if… women began wearing see-through spandex.

  343. Ian

    June 20, 2012
    3:36 PM

    Ha. I love how everyone here only talks about their bench press. Sure I bench – but I also incline, squat, clean, deadlift, leg press, curl, pull up, and push up. And I’m not such a loser that I have to publicly brag about my bench max to boost my own confidence. The average man is either a liar or a braggart. And if you are neither, congratulations, you’re truly extraordinary.

  344. Team fitness

    June 25, 2012
    9:55 PM

    I don’t believe the bench press stats and a few others because I am 15 years old, gym at home, weight 155 and stand at 6 feet. I can bench 187lbs/85kg (6reps). I am going to start to use protein shakes again to put some weight on and gain strength. PhD or maxi muscle cyclone is what I will buy.

  345. Syed

    July 2, 2012
    1:28 AM

    Lol alot of you guys need to chill.
    This is the average man so stop saying your 16/younger and you can bench 300 pounds just look at the ratings and where you place yourself. Its the internet, most of these comments are whack. Im only 14 and I also fit well in these statistics. So I’m glad :)

  346. Syed

    July 2, 2012
    1:29 AM

    And oh ye, that one guy said hes 12 and he can bench 515 lbs and do 372 push ups in 1 set.
    See what I mean :)
    He’s probably just an old man sick of life ,
    so dont get dis engouraged by these random comments (:

  347. daniel

    July 3, 2012
    10:23 AM

    I’am 13 years old. I can do 60 push-ups in one minute and I can do 22 full pul ups. averga is really low

  348. eric

    July 4, 2012
    3:56 AM

    i like the people who work out 4 times a week and brag try 2 times a week and eat mbby you would gain some weight

  349. Tychus

    July 4, 2012
    4:59 PM

    I am 16 and i’ve been training for 3 years.I’am 6.0 175 lbs.
    I can bench 210lbs do 70 push ups, 41 pull up, 1 mile i can run in about 7min,
    I have 15 inch arms.
    Btw i am not american :D

  350. tom

    July 5, 2012
    8:59 PM

    i think its funny how everyone on here can
    bench 220+…run a six min mile….i go to
    the gym only the bigest guys are benching
    200+ and thats prob at any given time 5 people
    out of 40-50…and when i go out in public
    ill make a bet that the average guy cant run
    1 mile the whole time much less 2 mile…
    oh yea my gym is mostly people 18-30 years old
    its by a college…thats when all u guys said
    u were in your best shape…the average guy
    has a huge gut and is out of shape…as for the guy
    who runs a two min half mile u should be trying
    out for the olympics thats the kind of time track stars do…
    the average guy hasnt ran a mile since high school
    or the military…they must have got these scores from what
    people said they did not what was witnessed…

  351. Tophyk

    July 13, 2012
    4:19 AM

    Tom: Couldn’t agree more with you.
    I’m 50 years old and the physical state of young people in this country is appalling.
    I often can out lift and outrun many of the younger people in the gym that I workout in.
    I weigh 169 lbs- 31in waist
    and I can rep 5-6 225lb (bench press), I use to be able to do 10 reps of 225lbs
    15 chin-ups/10 pull-ups
    20 min to run 2.5 miles– I ski 80-100 times a year at a high level

    All branches of the Military are having huge problems with overweight and out of shape recruits.
    The obesity crisis in this country is actually a huge threat to our national security.
    With all that said one of the biggest problems with getting people into shape, are the people who are already in shape.
    If you watch the Reebok Challenge on ESPN it’s absolutely insane what those folks are doing. However they are also setting some unrealistic goals for the “Average Human” to emulate. I consider myself in extremely good shape for my age but with that said it’s important that we help the folks that are starting out in a helpful and constructive fashion. We need to be non-judgmental, and act in a mentoring role in the gym. I can’t stand the muscle head gym rats that plaque many a gym, there a huge turn off especially in people who are starting out.

  352. Brian

    July 18, 2012
    5:02 PM

    I don’t disbelieve the above posters’ personal stats. No one has anything to gain by lying here. People that exercise and/or lift weights are a lot more likely to be interested in posting their stats. No one (unless they are kidding around) would want to brag about And I believe the original listed statistics may be at least moderately accurate. But don’t be surprised, because guess what guys, if you play football in high school and/or lift weights regularly as an older adult, of course you are going to be a lot stronger than the average man. And of course anyone that runs regularly will be able to run faster than average. The average guy does not exercise much, in general. Just look around you (if you live in the US like me). The only stat that surprised me was the see-through spandex for girls. I would live at the gym. This is amusing, so I won’t break your train of thought. I’m 30, 170 lbs, 5’7, 15″ biceps, 42″ chest, 31″ waist (got just a little bit of a belly going ha). I’m small but I lift weights regularly so of course I’m a bit more muscular than the average man.

  353. Fake Fake Fake

    July 19, 2012
    4:09 PM

    Average American man runs 1.5 miles in shy of ten minutes?

    Maybe if it’s to McDonald’s buy 1 get 1 free Whopper special day…

    Millions of American men are short, fat, and weak, and would never bench 160 lbs even if their life depended on it. This is an absurd laugh – a joke

  354. Dean

    July 20, 2012
    1:51 AM

    LOL, 30 years to log 8,000,000 heart beats. I don’t think so. 52 beats per minute would hit 8,000,000 in a little over 106 days. 30 years would be a little over 800 million.

  355. Matt

    July 23, 2012
    12:49 AM

    I cant stand how people go on this site just to brag, these are AVERAGES noone cares if you can bench 400 pounds, to anyone bragging we all know your bragging to compensate for somthing

  356. Weakling

    July 24, 2012
    2:19 AM

    I’m 13 and 6’5. I weigh 250 and bench 600,squat 800, and I haven’t started working out yet. 10000 in the bank and 500000 income and I play varsity in my college and I’m getting a PhD soon.
    This is what most of the people here sound like.

  357. Devin The Dude

    July 26, 2012
    1:22 PM

    FML my wife is equal to the average man.

  358. Across the River and Into the Trees

    July 27, 2012
    8:28 AM

    I am 31 years old, and I make $ 70,000 dollars more than the “average” man, but I never get to sleep for 7 hours on a “work night”. Sadly, every night is a work night. I hate my job but I keep doing it because it pays the bills. I have a larger savings account than the average man, but I really have no idea what I am saving it for.
    I am 5’ 7” and as a result I use to have a bit of a Napoleon complex. I do a lot of body weight exercises; push-ups, pull-ups, I love “Insanity”, and running. The last time I went to the gym, to lift weights, was 3 months ago and I benched 215 twice (I was pretty impressed with myself, but it caused shoulder pain so… I use Indian clubs now for shoulder exercises (If you haven’t tried them I recommend you do).
    Most of the women that I have dated I met at coffee shops, so I guess that would be my preferred “pickup joint”. I am divorced and have no children. I have slept with 10 women and each sexual encounter I have is less meaningful than the last.
    According to the chart I can expect to live 39 more years. I am divorced with no children, but my mother lives with me due to her failing health. I travel constantly and I have lived in 4 different countries, but I have never found a place that I consider home.
    The “average” man has a wife who feels safe in his arms for 7 hours every night and 2 children that believe that he is superman even if he isn’t able to leap tall buildings or run faster than a speeding bullet. The “average” man has a pretty good life.

  359. jeff

    July 27, 2012
    6:38 PM

    interesting, I am 52 5ft 8in 175 lbs 44chest 32 waist pullups 20 , bench 290 hate running usually 10 minute mile but could push that average number, wow good form push up only 15 for 50-60, think I can do 50 in 60sec and no, I am telling truth, lol, but yes work out regularly so hope I am above average,looked at site because of chin up curiosity

  360. esco

    August 3, 2012
    2:26 AM

    What planet are all these comments coming from…The stats seem dead on…. As far as all these comments go they seem a bit far fetched. First of all if your a teen I would hope your in great shape, and hopefully your GPA’ s are as high as you exaggerated bench press. I been working out all my life and I know I’m above average and there’s very few people I see at the gym stronger then me especially for my weight and I to allot of gyms. I was promoted from Marine Corp boot camp for most physically fit marine and so on and so on… a

  361. esco

    August 3, 2012
    2:29 AM

    Stats are great but in Real life do very little…. They should have also averaged out how many men have a degree, do volunteer work and other important stats… Anyways congrats on everyone here winning Mr. universe. You have my support

  362. Dave

    August 3, 2012
    4:33 AM

    I’m 48 been going to gym for 8 months now .I was into bodybuilding between ages 18 and30 then had accident and many lower back surguries.I’m 238 pds at 5’10 with 38 in waist .I have 19 and half bi’s 52 inc chest expanded.Can bench 405 1 time.Can do 100 pushups in min.Do 150 fls on sm at level 9.And much more .My point never believe anyone when they say you can’t do what a 25 yr old can.It’s an addiction !!!So to all you 40 plus men get out there and just do it!!!!!

  363. Andrew

    August 3, 2012
    11:51 AM

    The average american man is pathetic…. I’m 19, weigh 155lbs. 5’7″, 14.5 inch bicep, 40 inch chest. benching 205, five sets of five. Squatting 355 2-3 times. I can do three sets of ten of wide grip, behind the back pull ups, and hand standing push ups and much more… Haha and two months ago I weighed 180, and then I was maxing 265 on bench and repping 405 on squat.

  364. John.g

    August 4, 2012
    9:44 PM

    Here’s a stat u can add, the average teen thinks he can bench 230-1million lbs lol

  365. Drew

    August 4, 2012
    9:47 PM

    If you read the stats, 88% of men do not lift weights. So being able to bench press your body weight is Average. I’m 26 yrs old, decent shape 5’10″ 168 lbs 265lb 1rep max bench. 7:15 mile, squat 250lbs(working on it) 16in. biceps flexed. 30in. waist 42in. chest. 50+ consecutive dips. 15 consecutive pull-ups. Don’t like to brag “internet rule #1″ people are always bigger, better, faster, smarter stronger than you.

  366. Dev

    August 11, 2012
    5:59 PM

    LOL at these comments, 95% of them are BS. I guess all of you must live on Mt. Olympus or something, because when I go out, I probably see one kind-of-fit guy out of every 200 or so people. Im 16, 6’1 145lbs, bench 155 10 reps, squat 220 10 reps, 10 chin-ups, just under 5 min. mile, 60 pushups in 1 min, 70 situps, and not bragging but im in better shape than most people I know.

  367. James B

    August 13, 2012
    4:14 PM

    A 15 year old with 16 inch biceps are you having me on? lol. Also i think 27 push-ups in a minute is rather low. Only recently have i made push-up’s a daily routine and i do 25 in about 30 seconds. Not bragging cos it’s not impressive by anyone’s standards, but just thought i would put that out there.

  368. ivantheterrible

    August 27, 2012
    4:43 AM

    i am 5″8 19 years old 160 max bench is 265 my mile is horrible i think around 8 minutes my arms are about 15″ and a half and i consider ky sepf in pretty good health. heart beat around 70 but thats because my anxiety. dont think people are lying because you cant imagine a man benching 400 pounds my dad in his early 30s was benching 530 and squatting 650 and he weight 180.

  369. Spike

    September 11, 2012
    6:51 PM

    I am 5foot nine,183 lbs.I will be 50 in 2 months.In 2008 I started lifting in my garage like I did in my early 20s.Last night I benched with out a spotter 145lbs 2 sets of 12,187 lbs 2 sets of 10,209 lbs 2 sets of 8,230 lbs 2 sets of 4 ,219 lbs 2 sets of 4.I mixed in 4 shrug sets and 4 laying flye sets.This work out took nearly 2 hours.I watch TV ,read magazines and work on stuff while lifting.Other nights I do an arm workout then a delt and back workout.My point is this,being healthy and strong makes every thing you do easier.I dont worry about pulling my back out or running out of air walking.I eat what I want and I still get comments on my muscles.I have made this a part of my life style and since I stay relaxed with it I never consider it a chore.My first few sets were with an empty bar,this is a hobby everyone can do and improve.I wish you all the best of luck.

  370. sgtmotor

    September 13, 2012
    8:29 PM

    I agree with few on here bout the average. A lot of it is bout me and some are not near but lot of comments on here are not from the average man. I have no need to brag bout size and weight and I’m happy with myself and my woman is happy with me. I am ex military and out now just being happy no more running and excersing

  371. J NYC

    September 24, 2012
    6:09 PM

    The average man is looking this up. The average man is looking up if his bench is higher than the other guys…

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